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xx Ways to improve

July 16, 2014, 23:26:53 by PhoenixWright
I have lurked on this website for a great deal of time and there is an issue here that would do well to be rectified, depending on the point of view of the staff. If you would like your website to be inviting to civilians with queries and members of the military who have not spent twenty years in yet, then it might be worthwhile to read on, but if you would prefer for this forum to remain a Chief & Petty Officer's mess, well,, don't bother.

This forum is essentially the gateway for all military members across the country to discuss things, as well as give civilians direction if they have questions about joining or our operations.

However, the toxic atmosphere here makes it difficult for them to relate and sets a bad tone of the military from the get-go. The users here are very concerned with the military image, but are typically rude to new users.

Not too long ago, there was a new forum created, called recruits only, a place solely for new users.  This was done, evidently, due to the great number of recruiting questions that were so toxic to the recruiting  forum that they had to be hidden away from the senior users because it was such a waste of their time to tell them every time to search the forum for the answer. You know, if you have the time to tell them to search, you have the time to give them a reasonable answer. It is very offputting to new users.

And then there is the internet rank pulling. I have seen so many times where milpoints are used as leverage. Sometimes that fails and you have to actually be an internet sleuth and use the GAL to pull rank on someone who disagreed with you, which flies in the face of the terms and conditions relating to privacy, but oh well.

Here's an example of a healthy military discussion forum for Canada:

No one is insulted if they make a repetitive post because discussion is encouraged and the forum isn't an old boys club. This forum could be the same if you chose to be more inviting.

6 comments News

xx Navy: The Worst Element for Families? (MARS/LOG)

July 10, 2014, 04:07:14 by Vell
Hours of searching the forums and 'The Home Front' forums has produced little information about the impact on family life of specifically those who are out at sea for much of their military career (The search term 'family' in the navy forums brings up very little or unclear information. The search function usually does not fail me though). I am posting this to the Navy General forum instead of the 'Home Front' as I am looking for advice specifically from people working out at sea (which most Navy members are).

Please forgive that I am a civvie with little knowledge of the Navy beyond what I have read on these forums. I am an applicant who has been recently investigating the one element of the CAF I know the least about; the Navy. I have taken notice and interest in the reg force MARS and LOG (all elements) trades and am currently trying to decide if I want to add either to my application (already submitted my application but am not yet at the CFAT stage so I can still add trades).

1) Am I correct to assume that there is no way to even remotely estimate how much time I will be away from my family every year should I successfully complete training as a LOG or MARS officer in the Navy? The amount of time potentially away from my family if I were to be posted at sea seems to be incredibly broad. While I see some people saying that they are away from their families about 2 months of every year, others report it not being uncommon to be away for 10 months or more per year. Other posts claim that you are never supposed to be at sea for more than 6 months per year. The information I am reading here is conflicting and in some cases may be outdated (some of the posts I read being over a decade old).

2) Many (non-ship based) CAF positions seem to be mostly regular working hours with some overtime and a few weeks (sometimes months at worst) away from home (not counting initial training). Anyone on a ship on the other hand seems to be subject to essentially working 24/7. Does the 8-10 hour per day air force officer get the same amount of leave as the 18 hour per day MARS officer who sometimes doesn't even get to sleep if they have bridge watch? Do Navy members end up getting extra time off when they are not at sea (so they can spend time with their family in chunks of weeks/months rather than in pieces of hours per day). Does the time away from family balance out compared to other officer trades? I know you get sea pay, but it hardly seems that an extra 500$ per month is reasonable compensation for in some cases double the working hours. Am I just missing something here?

I ask these question because while I find the Navy absolutely fascinating (I enjoy constantly being mentally engaged and what other trade has you bring your entire base with you!?), it is the potential time away from my family which makes me cautious to even consider the Navy. I am fine with not being able to see my family for a few months per year. I am not at all fine with spending 3/4 of every year out of physical contact with my family. Sure someone may join when they are single and want to travel the world, but how does the navy not lose all their members as soon as those members decide to have a family? I feel as if I must be missing part of the bigger picture though as I cannot imagine that anyone with a wife and kids, even the most hardcore sea lover, could bear having a job where they almost never get to see their family.

I have some more basic unrelated questions as well.

-Do you need to be a strong swimmer to be in the Navy? I can swim (read float and dog paddle), but I have very little experience swimming. I love being on boats (my hobbies are boating and canoeing... yeah, I know, probably nothing like a warship but it IS something) but I am no fan of a mouth full of water. I would rather be ON the water rather than IN the water (but who knows, I have never been diving before and it looks quite interesting).

-I don't drink. I hear the drinking culture is... strong... in the Navy. Is this true? I have nothing against drinking nor those who like to drink. I enjoy a good wine with my meal, but I just have no interest in getting drunk. I don't suspect this to be a problem though. My friends LOVE that I don't drink so I can drag their as... so I can assist them when they miscalculate their alcohol intake.

-As I understand it, while on a ship, you do not have so much 'working hours' as 'duties and responsibilities'. Does this mean that while you do not have set hours, you do what needs to be done whenever it needs doing and then enjoy a break whenever you are satisfied that your work is done? What do you do for leisure while on the boat (not counting when docked). How much time do you have for leisure (I understand that like any other job there must be both slower times and more busy times)? At any other job, you go home at the end of the day, but on a ship I figure you must always be ready to work at a moment's notice (I figure bad weather does not wait, pirates don't ask for your schedule, COs don't ask if you feel like doing random surprise training exercises).

-I read that a lot of MARS officers are ruthless for promotion. Is this true? Myself, I could care less if I got promoted. The way I see it is that if I am not promoted, I simply am not ready to be promoted. It is merit / ability based is it not? I don't have any interest in taking on responsibilities when people who have decades more experience than me don't think I am ready for them. Biting off more than you can chew is always just embarrassing not to mention very dangerous to those under your command is it not? Pay scales pretty nicely despite promotion for officers, so why the massive drive for promotion? Is it pure bragging rights or am I missing something again?

Sorry for all the questions (some which were likely answered deep in some post I could not find) and possible typos (I will have to re-read and edit this later as I need to go for now) and thank you for both reading this wall of text and dedicating yourself to the country I love.
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xx Commissioning Script dimensions

May 21, 2014, 11:30:16 by canx2k
Easy question.  Was looking online for some frames for my commissioning script and was hoping I wouldn't have to get my parents to have to fire through my stuff to get at it while on IR.

What are the dimensions of a Commissioning script (scroll)?

Thanks all!
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xx HMCS Kingston suffers minor fire offshore

April 13, 2014, 09:50:30 by Chief Stoker
Sailors aboard HMCS Kingston are safe after the crew extinguished a minor engine room fire on Saturday, according to a spokesman with Maritime Forces Atlantic​.

Capt. Peter Ryan says the fire broke out at 10:52 a.m. on the warship's return trip to Halifax after a six week mission in the Caribbean.

The fire happened in waters near the Carolinas.

Ryan says sailors were able to put out the flames using fire extinguishers.

He says all 36 crew members are unharmed and the ship doesn't require any assistance.

Ryan says while all fires are serious, this was not comparable to the recent fire on HMCS Protecteur that burned for several hours.

HMCS Kingston and  Glace Bay, also part of the mission, are still scheduled to arrive in Halifax on Wednesday.

Ryan says they're looking into what caused the fire.
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xx UTPNCM offers

April 05, 2014, 13:14:43 by stoker35
FYI - UTPNCM offers are out, got mine 2 days ago !  Keep your eyes open !

Good luck to all !
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xx Cracks In HMCS Iroquois Will Limit Warship’s Operations

April 02, 2014, 21:07:57 by Chief Stoker
Cracks In HMCS Iroquois Will Limit Warship’s Operations

Patrick Smith

Ottawa Citizen

A Canadian military ship will be limited in future operations after cracks were discovered on the upper part of the vessel in late February.

HMCS Iroquois, an air defence destroyer ship that has been in use by the Royal Canadian Navy since 1972, suffered stress fractures to the superstructure – the part of the ship above the main deck – as a result of

stress from the sea’s movement.

The damage, on a portion of the ship that is above water, were discovered while HMCS Iroquois was completing a fleet exercise off the East Coast of the United States.

Further examination of the ship while it was docked in Boston, Mass. showed that the cracks’ impact were not serious enough to affect the current exercise. HMCS Iroquois was able to complete its mission and return

to Canada.

However, the Citizen has discovered that the ship, which is currently docked in Halifax, N.S. while engineers further assess the damage, will only be able to operate at limited capacity when the weather is bad.

Specifically, the Iroquois will be unable to navigate waters when the waves are particularly heavy.

The 42-year-old vessel typically operates in the North Atlantic Ocean, known for its rough water. The ship was declared safe enough to continue sailing in winter conditions during the examination in Boston.

As the Citizen reported in November 2013, Iroquois-class destroyers received a major upgrade in the 1990s and are scheduled for replacement in the mid-2020s if the government schedule remains on target.

Previous reports, though, have shown that officials do not expect the lifespan of these ships to last longer than 2017. As it stands, the ships will not be replaced before they are retired, leaving a sizeable gap in

Canada’s navy. Although the navy’s Halifax-class frigates will pick up some of the slack, the retirement of the Iroquois class will limit the range of operations the navy can undertake.

The Iroquois class has only three remaining ships: HMCS Iroquois, HMCS Athabaskan and HMCS Algonquin.

It’s unclear whether the Iroquois will be left in its current, restricted state, repaired for use until 2017, or retired from the fleet ahead of time.

The commanding officer of the ship was not available for comment.

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