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xx CF 98 and questions

February 10, 2016, 23:10:12 by dandy1234
I fell recently at a WO's and Sgt's Mess and fractured my elbow.  I am now on a temp category and have started physio to try to get back to normal.  The fall was attributable to a top stair that was not level with the floor, causing my heel to hook and I fell.  The work necessary to fix the stairs has been in with Public Works to get fixed, before my fall.  My question is, because this is a DND facility, am I considered on duty (CF 98) and who should I be contacting to get the required work done on the stairs for safety reasons. 
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xx Commander Thomas G. Fuller "The Pirate Of The Adriatic"

February 02, 2016, 05:37:14 by Halifax Tar
So I am writting a monthly historical article for HMCS Frederictons newspaper while we are deployed and I wrote this months on the MGB/MTB Flotillas in the RCN, particularly actions in the Med, Adriatic and Agean fouscing on Commander Thomas G. Fuller.

What an interesting character and deserving of much more fanfare and mention in todays RCN.  I invite you all to have a read of the following links. 

I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

As well you can look for the book:  Champagne NAVY:  Canada's Small Boat Raiders Of The Second World War
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xx 4 Reasons Why I Will Miss the (US) Navy - Task and Purpose

December 05, 2015, 09:32:27 by Dimsum
I sometimes miss my time as a MARS officer.  Then, the thought of Workups and Duty Watch reminds me that switching to aircrew blue was a good decision   ;)

The fraternal ties of military service are not limited to my own country. Some of my closest friends serve in the navies of coalition partners. We learned that the farther we were from our home countries, the smaller were our national divisions. We were all bound by the unshakeable call to service.

The camaraderie of the military is frequently cited as the best part of serving. You learn to laugh in the worst of times because, as an Australian officer I served with said, “If you didn’t laugh, you’d cry.” 

We would die for our friends. This is the hardest part to leave. I can’t shake the feeling that I am turning my back on my sailors and friends, but I know that we will all continue to serve long after we are out of uniform.
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xx Do convoys have a role in modern warfare?

November 16, 2015, 12:40:27 by Colin P
If things went quite hot with either Russia or China. Would convoys to escort merchant ships with warships and aircraft be a useful tactic against modern submarines? I can imagine in a nuclear scenario that a large convoy might be a tempting target for a small nuke. But for conventional warfare would convoys be useful to deter subs. What I see now is that there is a lack of good ASW aircraft to maintain enough presence to suppress submarine attacks along the shipping lanes. We also lack enough escorts to maintain any lengthy convoy system and would not have enough to form hunter killer groups. The only bright spark is I think the US, UK and Canada have a enough subs to help hunt enemy subs. 

Any thoughts or comments appreciated.
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xx HMCS Charlottetown

October 24, 2015, 01:52:56 by Dustinb1313
I am in the navy res and have a chance to sail with the HMCS Charlottetown for a year. Just curious on how much time at sea and when you do go to port how many days do you normally get off. I know it depends on duty watch etc. I am a bosn by the way. Also I don't know if this is aloud to be discussed but anyone know where it's headed. General area? Just trying to decide if I should give up my job to sail for a year.
Thanks for any info.
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