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Re: Questions about re-enlisting after being out for a year and two months
« Reply #900 on: February 06, 2017, 20:23:23 »
What alternate duties do EDT and construction engineering trades typically do?

Electrical Distribution Tech

Electrical Technician vs. Electrical Distribution Technician?

RE: Electrical Distribution Technician

Electrical Distribution Technician

Electrical Distribution Technician,
For applicants who have a Department of National Defense Certificate of Military Achievement with a QL5 rating and rank of corporal in one of nine matched trades (below), a copy of your Member’s Personnel Record Resume (MPRR) is sufficient evidence of your qualifications and experience; once submitted, the College will verify the validity of your certification and approve you to write the C of Q exam without further training.
See page 3.

Education requirements to become an electrical distribution technician,122930.msg1435455/topicseen.html#new
"I want to apply to become an electrical distribution technician in the army."

Are there any other trades besides EDT that will allow me to earn hours toward a Red Seal Electrician ticket in case I can't get into the EDT trade? I am open to other trades as well as long as I can earn hours toward a civilian ticket of some kind. Below are some other military trades that caught my eye. Are there any civilian trade tickets or certifications that I could earn by doing one of these trades?

Certificates of Military Achievement Recognized in Alberta:

Vehicle Technician QL5
Construction Technician QL5
Cook QL5
Electrical Distribution Technician QL5
Marine Engineering Technician QL5
Marine Engineering Technician QL5
Supply Technician QL6
Plumbing and Heating Technician QL5
Refrigeration and Mechanical Technician QL5
Material Technician QL5

Certificates of Military Achievement Recognized in Ontario:
See page 5.

"If you hold a DND Certificate of Military Achievement at the Ql5 level and the rank of Corporal in the certification programs listed below, you can write Certificate of Qualification exam that corresponds to your military certification with no further training:
■ Marine Engineering Technician
■ Marine Electrician
■ Vehicle Technician
■ Material Technician
■ Refrigeration and Mechanical Technician
■ Electrical.distribution Technician
■ Plumbing and Heating Technician
■ Construction Technician, and
■ Cook
To be able to write the certification exam, you must submit the three documents listed in the “required documentation” section and include a copy of your Member’s personnel record résumé (Mprr) as evidence of your work experience in place of a letter from your employer."

A family member of mine is currently an AVS.


Will I need to do BMQ over again?

Do I have to do BMQ again after being released?

As always,  Recruiting is your most trusted source of information.

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Re: Getting Back In/Re-enrolling Mega Thread
« Reply #901 on: February 22, 2017, 06:18:05 »

If you are looking to return to reg force service, please follow the link.  I'll be the one to reply directly to you for NCM via phone call or email.


The Air Force Intake & Liaison Team (AFI&LT) is working with Canadian Forces Recruiting Group (CFRG) to get the word out that the Air Force is actively seeking ex-military members of the Canadian Forces who were fully trained in an Air Force occupation.

The AFI&LT, which is based in Ottawa, works to identify and staff initiatives aimed at improving the re-enrolment of Air Force personnel into the Canadian Forces (CF). Due to manning shortages, personnel from many Air Force occupations are being sought ...
The RCAF info-machine has a fresh reminder that this is still out there:
Do you miss working with some of the greatest people and technology in the Canadian Armed Forces? Would you like to put your skills back to work for Canada and Canadians?

If so, there may be a place for you (again!) in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).

The RCAF has established a dedicated team – the Air Force Intake and Liaison Team (AFI&LT) – to work with the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group to actively attract and enroll former trained members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Working together, the two teams are focused on supporting RCAF occupations that face particular personnel shortages and can benefit immediately from the return of individuals who have the skills and experience that the Air Force needs ...
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Re: Getting Back In/Re-enrolling Mega Thread
« Reply #902 on: February 27, 2017, 16:21:48 »
Looking for CF member and recruit experiences in regards to their wait times for archived medical files when rejoining.

Was a member of CF back in 2010 (Over 7 years out now) and wanting to rejoin Reg. Forces once again.  My recruit application is currently at a stand still while waiting on my previous medical file, which is archived in Ottawa. ( FYI "Previous medical history is clean and never had any issues")

Recruit center has confirmed my VFS already and will book my medical + interview once the medical is in. Ottawa Archives (Canadian Forces) indicated a 30 day turn around time for the request but wanted to see on a personal level what your wait times happen to be.

Looking forward to getting back into uniform and retiring as a CF member 20+ years from now.

Thanks for any input and advice. All the best

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Dmed Pol issue as returning member
« Reply #903 on: May 28, 2017, 00:44:04 »
Has anyone had any experience returning to the forces with any paperwork being sent to Dmed Pol? When I released I was on a tcat so apparently thats a huge issue even though the injury doesnt exist anymore and I had an MRI done showing nothing wrong(its been 3 years). The PA for my intake medical was really great and wrote basically a novel in his paperwork trying to challenge it, just want to get some feedback at this point if I should expect a positive response or not.
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