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xx Cannot access "Contact Staff"

April 20, 2017, 12:24:58 by murrdawg
I have a question about cross posting, and I went to Contact Staff, but it brings me to an error page.
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xx New style Ball Caps

April 05, 2017, 10:03:53 by Lumber
We've been told that the new style Ball Caps have been approved. I even spoke with a buddy wearing one a few weeks ago when I was in Esquimalt.

However, I cannot find anywhere that indicates where/who we are suppose to procure these new ball caps from, or anywhere I can get a picture or design from.

Does anyone have the info I'm looking for? DWAN and Google searches both came up empty.
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xx The swarm navy (split from: The Defence Budget)

March 19, 2017, 16:32:29 by jollyjacktar
Chris,  the main difference between civilian sailing and Naval sailing is of course the possibility of combat.  Sure, if you're just pottering from Port to Port on your Maresk rounds, at a steady state of speed, who needs numbers?  You can get away with a small-ish crew and accomplish the company's business.  We're not in the business, business.  We're in the war business and whatever else our political masters say we are.  You're comparing apples to oranges.

I agree, the meat interfaces cost a great deal over the hardware.

On the small craft MTB thing.  I knew an man who involved in the battles of what was going to replace the gate vessels for the reserves back when. He said there were two camps, those who wanted gun boats and those who wanted sweepers. As it turned out the guns went down to defeat and we have the MCDVs.  I would have loved to see gun boats in the fleet, you bet.
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xx Westploy / Southploy

March 17, 2017, 02:30:01 by sailoraye123
I heard today a rumour that a medal was in the works for ships leaving for either set sail to west or south or east ploy that aren't recognized by other current medals... has anybody heard anymore on this.. this is a great feat for young sailors who are gone 4-8 months a year a little recognition for hard work and sacrifice will being great pride...
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xx General Navy life

February 20, 2017, 13:41:56 by grizz123
good day all,

First day to the site so I don't know if i'm doing this correctly so bear with me.

So, I am a qualified  Pte in the INF RES with 2 mins in the army with a CT to go REG Navy and I got a couple Qs to ask, done some research but still need to dig.

1.Can anyone give me insight on these 3 trades Bosn, NES OP and SONAR op- from good experiences to bad, to trade training, to if they have homeports and for NES OP and SONAR op how the spec pay is.

2.Insight on military Housing and food on the west coast-From how it works, how much it cost monthly/ yearly and pro and cons

3. Netp- hows the go

4.How are CFB esquimalt and CFB Halifax- I understand the need of where you are needed but do you have input on where you are posted and if you can remain there.

5.NBD,ships team diver, clearance diver,etc - any experiences with those?

I am all for the navy, months at sea and the grit of it ,travel, teamwork and the dire need of it in hairy situations. I think its the service that is most beneficial, especially for if you want to go civi sides with all those transferable skills down the line, but as of now im in for the thick of it and would appreciate anyone who can give there input on how it was for therm.

Thank you for any replies, it will help clear it all up for me.

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xx What does the Canadian Navy exactly do? And more specific questions...

February 12, 2017, 18:04:13 by overwatch
Hello everyone,

I am researching about the Canadian Navy. In my time researching I have come across general answers. I am interested in joining as a MARS officer but was wondering about the following questions:

1. What does the Canadian Navy do? More specifically are we more about the protection of Canada's coast or do we help countries that need aid in sea combat (if any are in such a conflict today, I am unsure)?

2. Is it common nowadays for our ships to engage in combat situations? I understand that our Navy is trained for combat situations but I'm wondering how often we engage in it.

3. Have there been any Navy staff that have lost their lives in the past two decades? (RIP and thank you for your service :cdn:)

4. What is the Navy's role if we are called into a war? Does this depend mainly on strategy employed such as prioritizing coast defense or helping allies or sometimes both?

Thanks everyone.

Edit: Additional question

5. Is the service length of all Navy trades the same? I am asking because after my service as a MARS officer (which is 3 years, I believe) can I retire and pursue medical school and apply to become a medical officer? This is the second trade I like but I first need to become accepted to a Canadian medical school, complete residency, etc.

I apologize if my questions sound ignorant or simple minded. It's not my intention. These are big commitments and would like to know everything before moving forward.
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