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xx Mobile View

February 12, 2020, 12:58:04 by Mike Bobbitt

Although it doesn't have the green (yet), Mobile view is available. To switch back and forth, use the following:

Mobile View
Desktop View

Note, mobile view does not look good on a desktop. Try it on your phone. :)
3 comments | Write Comment News

xx Decline of Naval Thought in the RCN

March 17, 2020, 23:36:13 by Infanteer
Interesting article over at CNR:

The author argues that the Senior Service has become, professionally, overly focused on acquisition and project management to deliver platforms, and that there is a distinct lack of intellectualism and sailors think about the art of war at sea in the RCN today.

He laments the loss of maritime-focused training at CFC, and points out that the Army and Air Force have picked up the slack in operational thought with their own schools and Warfare Centres, the Navy has stuck to tactical ship driving.  The CAF as a whole suffers from having a true centre for excellence in maritime operational thought.
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xx Navy to consider gender-neutral ranks

March 07, 2020, 10:05:53 by FSTO
Don't know if this is top of mind for females in the RCN?

Although I'd be okay with Ordinary Rate, Able Rate, Killick and Master Killick.

Or Ordinary (insert trade here), ABN (for Able Bosn)

One wag wants to use Sailor - Ordinary Sailor, Able Sailor, Leading Sailor, Master Sailor. I don't know but to me it sounds kind of dumb.
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xx HMCS Calgary CO & XO relieved of duty

January 31, 2020, 12:51:59 by Privateer
Per Times Colonist:


Change in command for HMCS Calgary; another officer disabled ship’s smoke detector

 HMCS Calgary has undergone a change in command after evaluation of the ship’s performance during sea-readiness trials.

Cmdr. Alex Barlow took over HMCS Calgary last week, replacing Cmdr. Jonathan Kouwenberg, said Army Lt. Chelsea Dubeau, public affairs officer for Canadian Maritime Forces Pacific.

Dubeau said senior officers decided a change in the ship’s leadership was necessary to reach performance levels required during overseas deployment.

 HMCS Calgary’s second-in-command was also relieved of duty after disabling a smoke detector in the wardroom, smoking tobacco and encouraging assembled subordinates to do likewise while the ship was in San Diego. The officer was found guilty of three counts of behaviour contrary to good order and discipline and fined $3,000.

HMCS Calgary, one of five frigates based in Esquimalt with Maritime Forces Pacific, is being prepared for deployment to the Asia-Pacific region this spring.

Canadian Navy officials have said these overseas deployments, lasting about six month each, are meant to demonstrate and affirm Canada’s presence in the Pacific and its ongoing commitment to its allies.

During exercises such as the ongoing Operation Projection, Canadian Navy ships work with their counterparts from other Pacific nations, including Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia and the U.S.

In the past, deployments have included goodwill visits to foreign ports, emergency disaster assistance and enforcing the United Nations embargo of North Korea.
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xx Consolidated Seamanship Training Facility (CSTF) at CFB Halifax

January 23, 2020, 00:16:17 by OceanBonfire

"I was luckey enought to get a quick peak today of the new #cfbhalifax Consolidated Seamanship Training Facility (CSTF) located by the Stad main gate. So much more than a replacement drill shed, it will incorporate offices, small and large classrooms, a theatre...

a container inspection trainer, reconfigurable 3 deck training area with breaching doors to support NBP training, rapel wall, and so much more. The finishing touches are almost done, and NFS(A) will start to move in soon. Training will take a giant leap forward this summer."
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xx Documentary - 2014 Fire in Protecteur

December 09, 2019, 13:40:26 by stoker dave
Below is a link to a documentary produced by DND describing the response and aftermath to the 2014 engine room fire. The documentary is largely based on interviews with those that were there:  CO, XO, EO, Cox'n, stokers, etc. 

Overall, an interesting and compelling story.  Note that it runs for about one hour.

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