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If you're young, and have no commitments, and no plan in life except "eventually" doing something, don't get trapped in the long term casual class B employment cycle.

Summer employment and regular unit training/exercises is a good idea. Making a career out of unstable short term part time contracts is another.

If you find yourself using the reserves as a full time job and your primary income, apply for the reg force.

Worst case, you get an offer, and turn it down.

Best case, you haven't wasted five years of your life getting paid less than your reg force counter parts, with no health benefits, and very few other benefits.

On top of that, as a class B reservist, despite all the best intentions and claims of "the system", if you get injured on the job as a class B reseverist, you'll be in a far worse situation than if you were reg force.
Recruiting / Re: Trades OPEN / Closed ?
« Last post by Roger123 on Today at 14:04:22 »

I wonder if you could make public two stats regarding Pilot applications. I understand that the number of positions vary from year to year but to your best knowledge concerning the past 2 or 3 fiscal years, what is the average yearly rate of:
1) All pilot applicants (from day 1 of their applications) per actual pilot positions offered;
2) All DEO pilot applicants per actual DEO pilot positions offered.

As an aspiring applicant, the information above would be pivotal to a data driven decision on pursuing a life long aspiration as my window of opportunity quickly closes down on me as the years go by. Your attention to this matter is highly appreciated.

Best regards,

Im curious to know how the statistics would affect your decision to pursue pilot ( any trade for that matter) in the application process. As noted across these boards, on the aircrew selection section web page, and by talking to any recruiter, the pilot trade is a competitive trade. If this is a life-long aspiration for you, just get the application ball rolling ( if you havent already) and prepare for each step of the process to the best of your ability. The application process can be very long. From my personal experience, I began my application around June 2016 and was only merit listed around September 2017( still havent been offered the/any position). If your waiting on pursuing something ( academic/ job opportunity) after seeing how the application to pilot turns out, that could be a big opportunity cost. You may be disqualified early in the process, towards the end, or get an offer. Either way, the road is filled with testing. interview, medicals ,etc. with long waiting periods in-between. If you dont pursue something ( and I guess someone) that you love you will always wonder "what if". Anyway, good luck to you.
Logistics / Re: Reserves Logistics Officer - Development path
« Last post by CountDC on Today at 13:46:08 »
not gonna start a new thread for this. 

Does anyone have an up to date link or information on the current path for a PRes Log O - Supply?
Fixed-wing Aircraft / Re: Boeing/Bombardier Discussion
« Last post by Cdn Blackshirt on Today at 12:58:03 »
Boeing deserves to be placed in the penalty box for a long time over this.  So glad it has blown up in their faces. 
Ships & Vessels / Re: Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ
« Last post by Cdn Blackshirt on Today at 12:55:41 »
On the basis of what? A couple of overheated op-eds? The NSPS procurements, like the F35, are huge-money contracts tendered out into a zero-sum business environment: every dollar that goes to one bidder is a dollar that doesn't go to another. These defence consortia have learned that the cost of a PR campaign waged through apparently disinterested third parties is trifling in comparison to the benefit of derailing a tender that didn't go their way. Certainly that's the lesson that the F35 saga has communicated very clearly.

Without impugning the motives of Sturgeon and Cairns, a former ADM Mat and a retired admiral are exactly the sort of guys a PR agency would approach to gin up some arguments supportive of their client's desired outcome. Until the last ship has been delivered and the last dollar paid out, we're going to continue to be subjected to the "best opinions money can buy". That shifty business has already cost us a serving admiral; we need to be critical of what we read.

On the basis that the program is roughly 10 years behind its original timeline and the industry partners basically laughed at the original RFQ spec's which means our team leaders didn't know what they were doing?
Ships & Vessels / Re: New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy
« Last post by MarkOttawa on Today at 12:41:52 »
Irving's jobs? jobs? jobs?

Irving Shipyard union questions hiring practices
Unifor says 27 foreign ironworkers brought to Halifax; company says it’s commited to hiring Canadians first

 The union representing Halifax shipyard workers is concerned about Irving Shipbuilding’s ongoing practise of looking overseas for workers they say could be found at home.

In the winter, The Chronicle Herald learned Irving was holding job fairs in Eastern European cities such as Gdansk, Poland, and had hired a full-time, permanent international recruiter. Around the same time, the company also received criticism from the union for hiring a Spanish naval outfitting contractor to bring in employees for carpentry work on the Arctic and offshore patrol ships it is currently building as part of its $60-billion contract to build new vessels for the Canadian navy.

Irving is the prime contractor for the combat portion of the government’s National Shipbuilding Strategy and, in addition to building six Harry DeWolf-class Arctic offshore patrol ships, Irving is also building the navy’s new fleet of up to 15 Canadian surface combatants starting in the 2020s. The creation of long-term jobs in Canada has been consistently sold as one of the major benefits of the program.

But Unifor Local 1 says it is concerned that 27 ironworkers have been hired into the shipyard from Lithuania and Romania throughout the months of September and October. Irving says only 13 workers have been hired internationally at this time.

The union alleges that the company is not providing proper justification for the hiring of these workers, nor has it consulted with the union throughout the process...

I bought a scuttle in Winnipeg, I love it.
Radio Chatter / Re: So I saw this meme and.......
« Last post by George Wallace on Today at 11:03:31 »
...that is about how it works.

Ships & Vessels / Re: Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ
« Last post by Good2Golf on Today at 10:43:27 »
...Until the last ship has been delivered and the last dollar paid out, we're going to continue to be subjected to the "best opinions money can buy"...

Then transitions to "what we should have bought" for the decades to follow. :nod:

That is an interesting quote.  Anyway...  I went to college for years only to work in that sector for less than a year.  I don't regret doing it.  But it not for me. 

When I look into school program now.  I don't really look into colleges or universities.  I mostly look into trades schools for technical skills. 
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