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Had a Face time with Grandson. The CO, XO and Coxn got involved with his pay and was corrected on 18 Feb. The only other outstanding matter is the start date of his Cl C contract which should have been Sep not Oct. Took almost 6 months including two months with zero regular pay, then some advances. A big rigmarole of incompetence at the home unit according to him, but he has kept emails to prove his case.

Then there was his Passport issue.

Thanks very much for all the support from members here.

Glad this got sorted out. A young member on their first deployment (especially out of element, as a PRes augmentee) has enough to worry about without pay issues. I thought I was "something" until I had a few days on ops...suddenly I wasn't sure I could even handle the job. Like I said, enough stress without dealing with some azz backwards CAF admin.

Finally, R62 - it's awesome you got to see your grandson deploy. :salute:
No guns? No problem.

Time to go back to basics, folks! Just do the basics really well.

Army General / Re: The Brigade Fight
« Last post by MCG on Today at 00:13:59 »
35 years ago, doctrine defined “CMBG” as “Corps Mechanized Brigade Group” and this was coincidentally the role filled by 4 CMBG.
Radio Chatter / Re: NZ Gun Law Changes (split from NZ Mosque Shootings)
« Last post by Jarnhamar on Yesterday at 23:29:36 »
Essentially if you own a rifle or shotgun capable of holding more than 5 rounds turn it into the police.

It sounds like people are registering some pretty powerful weapons on the online forums including pocket nukes and plasma rifles lol
Every deployment they try starting from scratch with all the same mistakes for Reservists.
Some may not like this comment.

When we did all the Rotos to FYR, the Bde HQ G1 shop were always working with new staff posted in at LFWA HQ. Not the worker bees, who were mostly Cl B's. When we found out there was going to be a LFWA Roto we issued our Adm O, based on experience, with all the info units/soldiers needed to get on Cl C including kit lists. PRes units/soldiers need time to make the volunteer decision, sort out their civ side, work on fitness. We screened and DAG'ed all volunteers (with no guarantees) by the time the Orders were received from LFWA which were always late, one time I believe 2 weeks before the troops were to arr in Edm. How the heck can you go out to PRes units, get volunteers and DAG in less than 2 weeks? Especially Medicals and Dentals.

Of course we were crapped on. Then they were gone. Posted.

We full time Reservists are so dumb.

Global Politics / Re: The US Presidency 2019
« Last post by Brad Sallows on Yesterday at 23:08:36 »
>The Mueller investigation still resulted in 34 individuals being charged.

So: the Obama administration had almost 8 months (from the time Trump locked down the primary in early June, to the inauguration the following January) to dig into Trump, and the Mueller investigation was 18 (?) months long.  The United States, and the United states government, has plenty of people who want to take Trump down; we can assume from what some of them have said on the record about Trump that a subset of those people is strongly motivated.  It is clear that people within government have been comfortable leaking information unfavourable to Trump, and it was clear during the previous administration that agencies (notably: the IRS) are staffed with some people generally hostile to Republicans and Republican causes and willing to act on a partisan basis.

With the full powers of the US government during the Obama administration's kick at the can, and all the power brought to bear by the not-Trump-sympathetic investigators on Mueller's team, and all the other people in the US government who might be able to get their hands on information (eg. transcripts of meetings, tax returns), and Trump's notoriously loose-lipped personality, and the threat of prison hanging over a handful of his close associates, etc, etc, all that squeezed out was a handful of process and other unrelated (eg. fraud) crimes.  And the election interference crimes occurred during the Obama administration's watch, and they admitted they knew about at least some of the attempts and elected to go soft.  But Trump is the one giving the Russians an easy pass, not Mr The-'80s-wants-its-foreign-policy-back, I'll-have-more-flexibility-after-my-re-election.  Some perspective is in order.

Some people may wish there's still a stone there to be turned over.
Oh boy. Just what Canada does not need, an extended mission inMali to needlessly expend the country’s blood and treasure.
Lunchmeat was banned?

I rather enjoyed his posts  :not-again:
Global Politics / Re: The US Presidency 2019
« Last post by Brad Sallows on Yesterday at 22:52:05 »
>Is it possible the GOP may want to peruse it for possible information to move to a Republican investigation and hold information back that might prejudice those investigations? Just a guess.

Some Republicans definitely would like to investigate the investigation - shine a light on the parts that look like they didn't pass muster according to how the "institutions of democracy" are supposed to behave when it comes to things like FISA warrants, surveillance of US citizens, unmasking of surveilled US citizens, partisan behaviour on the part of government employees, etc.

But I think it more likely that this is just politics.  Democrats want to go through the report immediately and turn everything that favours them into sound bites - the "lie travels around the world while the truth is getting its pants on" thing.  Republicans want to prevent that and throttle the information release in a way that doesn't detract from the opposing "nothingburger" message.
Canadian Politics / Re: The Khadr Thread
« Last post by FSTO on Yesterday at 22:51:45 »
I'm ready to move on from this person. I just wish the PM would recant his comment about our wounded veterans asking for more than what the government is prepared to give. Those words would make the 10 million easier to swallow.
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