Author Topic: 4th Class Power Engineer to Marine Engineer?  (Read 3425 times)

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4th Class Power Engineer to Marine Engineer?
« on: October 07, 2015, 17:32:41 »
Hello Navy Forum,

I have a few questions about the Marine Engineering Trade I am hoping to have answered. I see on the forces website that there is a recruitment going on for marine engineers, and it sounds like a fairly interesting trade.

I am a 4th class power engineer certified with the province of Alberta, and I was curious how this ticket will translate to the Marine Engineering Tech trade.

  • Would a 4th Class Power Engineer Certificate allow an exemption from Marine Engineer Tech courses?
  • Does Transport Canada recognize the Military QL5 Marine Engineering qualification, and can this be used to write the 4th Class Motor Certificate?

All the links I found mentioning Transport Canada's recognition of Marine Engineer time were broken.

I found on a website that the QL5 can be equivalent to a 4th Class Power Engineer, but I assume this does not work the other way around
Appendix B

Out of curiosity can anyone give a quick summary of what the Marine Engineer QL3 and QL5 courses cover?

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