Author Topic: Birth of a Giant, the designing and building of the Argus ASW aircraft  (Read 3422 times)

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They would, while in a group in a mess, all drop flat on their backs with their arms and legs pointing up, when one of them would suddenly shout "Dead Ant". And yes, alcohol was a factor.

So it is what I thought; the only time I'd seen (and done that) myself was going thru Cornwallis.  One of our MCpl's loved to do it to us when we were on our hourly 10-min smoke breaks in the Hollow Square.  We had 10 min's to march out from the back, smoke 'in a military fashion', put the butts out/away, and march back inside.  Dead Ant killed your chances of getting that dart downrange.

Dead Ant didn't continue from the VP, to the MP, and now the LRP Sqns/days.  Like many just fell off somewhere.