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Australian Urban Combat Training videos
« on: November 30, 2005, 14:36:10 »

Just a quick background on it-
This footage was taken with a Hel-Cam Helmet mounted camera ( during a recent 2 week Australian Army Complex Warfare Operators (Urban Warfare) course. The location is serveral warehouses on base, one configured as an office space, one as an industrial warehouse and one as a set of apartments. Most of the footage in this video is from the Office complex.
The weapons used- F88 Austeyr 5.56mm rifles and F89 Minimi 5.56mm Light Support Weapons (the F89 is similiar to the M249 SAW.)
The video was taken during the first week of our training. We got much better at it as the course went along. Unfortunately I can't show you that footage due to classification issues.
I wore the camera the whole time.
I am right handed.
Yes my weapon does jam at 1 minute into the video.
We were using blank ammunition and TESS laser engagement simulation gear (similiar to the US MILES2).
I didn't kick in the door at the 'Locked Door' stage of the video because we weren't allowed to damage the building

Small Clips
"Friendlies Coming Through"

"Three guys aren't enough"

"It's Fu&king Jammed!"