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    Iran Super Thread- Merged

    Apparently the new Iranian Navy's Moudge Class frigate, Talayieh, which was still under construction in Bandar Abbas, capsized in the dry dock. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CXIq3tDlFNf/?fbclid=IwAR1HNtkLVkc4AhNNmeMgWQ1EjhU6MPEwC9_k-tYFqxgy95T36sp_mOK1kAw
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    CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    10 out 10 pollsters agree telephone surveys are accurate. At least that what they tell their customers for pay for them.
  3. Colin Parkinson

    CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    Phone surveys are dated and fail to hit the people without landlines.
  4. Colin Parkinson

    Op UNIFIER - CAF and the Ukraine Crisis

    Regardless of what you think of Putin, Crimea is a masterstroke of softpower and threat. It should be a case study for future up and coming military leaders and diplomats. I personally believe Donbass was an opportunistic gamble to exploit the weak kneed response by Obama, who was a dithering...
  5. Colin Parkinson

    Stanley McChrystal Accidentally Reveals the Dishonesty of U.S. Generals

    Actually I suspect the surge paid off, and had the US had the fortitude to keep a decent sized force in Afghanistan, then the Taliban would still be yelling from the sidelines.
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    CH-148 Cyclone Progress

    It's not that unusual, depending where and on what, the part can be redesigned and replaced. If it's on some key parts, it can be a problem.
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    Op UNIFIER - CAF and the Ukraine Crisis

    Estonia would be a good case for a Maginot Line, coupled with the natural water obstacles, it would make a quick move very difficult for the Russians.
  8. Colin Parkinson

    CH-148 Cyclone Progress

    Oh yea, glad they found them. Someone was doing a good job of inspecting their aircraft. Nearly all of the Royal Canadian Air Force's Maritime fleet of CH-148 Cyclone helicopters are undergoing repairs after cracks were found in the tails of the aircraft. "12 Wing Shearwater, which encompasses...
  9. Colin Parkinson

    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    The PLN is only one aspect of the maritime threat of China as most of it's neighbours know all to well. While Russia has employed “Little Green Men” surreptitiously in Crimea, China uses its own “Little Blue Men” to support Near Seas claims. As the U.S. military operates near Beijing’s...
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    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    Meanwhile in the UAE https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20211203-uae-signs-deal-for-80-french-rafale-fighter-jets-officials
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    Director of photography killed, movie director injured after Alec Baldwin discharged prop firearm

    Adam Baldwin (no relation) has no sympathy 'He Confessed.' Actor Adam Baldwin's Blistering Takedown of 'Preening' Alec Baldwin's CYA ABC Interview
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    Not a pipeline, but welcome to BC https://www.campbellrivermirror.com/news/video-first-nations-land-dispute-breaks-out-at-open-house-for-proposed-fish-farm-site/?fbclid=IwAR1RuoFLRwdiKE6PWlwk94RzKjmOL9B6FqzEbgPDmK0Obg7In0IhqVBra0o
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    Russia in the 21st Century [Superthread]

    Putin is a bit like water, he will flow along the path of least resistance. but unlike water, he will help dig the ditch from one place to the next. Reinforcing their hold on Kalingrad will always be a primary political goal. There is always Georgia as well. He will have to keep an eye on the...
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    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    A bit more serious, Ed Nash take on the process and choices
  15. Colin Parkinson

    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    bah the French fart in the general direction of your flight safety rules