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  1. Eaglelord17

    "Unionizing" the CF (merged)

    Depends on your union. For a example a recent cheque I received which would equal roughly Cpl 4 military pay, there was $38.18 deducted from it. So monthly your looking at about $80 for a Cpl deducted, more as you earn more, less as you earn less. This year already I have paid over 1k in dues...
  2. Eaglelord17

    "Unionizing" the CF (merged)

    It is depending on who you talk to. There is some who are exceptionally vindictive whose mentality is because I was treated this way, everyone else should be treated this way. There is also a few who are altruistic. And then there is the majority which is self-serving (and you find that with any...
  3. Eaglelord17

    "Unionizing" the CF (merged)

    Leadership isn't supposed to have the best interest of the rank and file at heart in every action, they should have the best interests of the country at heart. Many times the what is the best interest of the rank and file and serving the country can coincide, other times they cannot. The way...
  4. Eaglelord17

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    There is also many who I am sure also didn't join in either.
  5. Eaglelord17

    CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-59380745 The worlds only true democracy in action
  6. Eaglelord17

    Liberal Minority Government 2021 - ????

    I guarantee you there is a lot of money they could cut off everyone's bills if they wanted. Why is it things like 'Long Distance' fees are in place still for some when it is a digital signal? Made sense when there were switch boards operated by people having to manually connect everyone, but...
  7. Eaglelord17

    Kenosha Shooting - split from The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    Neither did any of the rioters or other scumbags who decided to take advantage of the situation to cause havoc. Gage Grosskreutz for example travelled a much farther distance to Kenosha than Kyle did, and had less of a reason as Kyle had family and friends in Kenosha. I have heard plenty of...
  8. Eaglelord17

    Canadian Federal Election 44 - Sep 2021

    I cannot believe how effective the fearmongering is on the CPC. One guy I know even though he hates Trudeau and what the Liberals are doing (he is more towards what the Liberal Party was 20 years ago), voted for the Liberals because the Conservatives 'were going to take away public health care'...
  9. Eaglelord17

    Canadian Federal Election 44 - Sep 2021

    EAF cannot make steel, it can only recycle it. If you could make steel from scratch with a EAF no one would run a Blast Furnace as the costs for a Blast Furnace are significantly higher. There have been a few studies already that if people keep switching to EAFs by about 2035 we will not have...
  10. Eaglelord17

    Canadian Federal Election 44 - Sep 2021

    It is true, look at the quality of products made today vs. older products. I can go to antique store or garage sale, buy a tool which is 100+ years old and usually with a small amount of cleaning and maintenance it does exactly what it was designed to do 100 years later effectively. We buy so...
  11. Eaglelord17

    Canadian Federal Election 44 - Sep 2021

    If you want accurate answer do what the Swiss do and have referendums on topics. Polls aren't accurate, they can give a idea but they aren't always right. Brexit is a great example of the polls being completely wrong in recent memory.
  12. Eaglelord17

    Canadian Federal Election 44 - Sep 2021

    3 simple things we could do to limit climate change (though would have disastrous effects in other areas). 1) No taxes on used items, start encouraging recycling and reusing items. Canadians are very entitled in the way we shop, very few look at used items as something worth buying and if...
  13. Eaglelord17

    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    If they ban all at once they lose their wedge issue. Politicians tend to be fairly simple, they act towards whatever issues they think will get them elected, and don't get rid or solve those issues because how would they get elected again. Firearms weren't a Liberal agenda for two decades...
  14. Eaglelord17

    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    Got the Knights Templar treatment, one day your the hero, next day your being hung. They better provide severance to anyone fired. This is the government changing the terms of employment. If the employee refuses to abide by the new terms they better be given their severance like anyone else...
  15. Eaglelord17

    Canada's First Nations - CF help, protests, solutions, etc. (merged)

    I know a person who is Status Indian without being even 1% native. Their Grandmother married a Native man and she already had kids before the marriage. He adopted the kids and they then gained Native status, which in turn was passed on to their kids. If they don't make a kid with someone who is...
  16. Eaglelord17

    Ottawa tops the list for homes selling over asking in Ontario

    100% we would have a recession and it wouldn't be a good one. Unfortunately the solution was to gradually raise interest rates, we aren't interested in doing that. If all we are doing is prolonging the inevitable and refusing to do anything to fix it/reduce the harm of it, then we should just...
  17. Eaglelord17

    Ottawa tops the list for homes selling over asking in Ontario

    So do you believe we have a free market economy, or do you believe we have controls on it? Either our current system is Socialist as we have restrictions on who the banks can lend money to, restrictions on how you buy homes, etc. or it isn't (and the answer is it isn't as a Socialist housing...
  18. Eaglelord17

    Ottawa tops the list for homes selling over asking in Ontario

    Right now there is people who buy a home, rent it out, proceed to remortgage that home, use it to get the 5% downpayment for the next home, buy that, rent it out, rinse and repeat. If the goal is to cool the market down, this will prevent many people who aren't buying the property for their own...
  19. Eaglelord17

    Ottawa tops the list for homes selling over asking in Ontario

    I am not against blind bidding, but there is some reasonable steps that can be made to resolve a lot of these issues. 1) If someone offers your asking price with reasonable conditions (and a home inspection is a reasonable condition), you must accept the offer (Texas has this rule in place and...
  20. Eaglelord17

    Director of photography killed, movie director injured after Alec Baldwin discharged prop firearm

    There is a distinct difference from using a firearm in a movie and using a firearm at a range. I am waiting to see more information come out about the incident, but this reminds me of when that group of cadets was handed a live grenade.