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  1. FSTO

    The WTF News Files

    Don't think the kids had a chance to yell "Car!"
  2. FSTO

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    No, PM Harper was a fan of the War of 1812 and his office pushed for those names. The CRCN at the time was Ron Lloyd who pushed back due to his view that 1812 was a "British" War. That is a silly view IMO, but there is a large cohort in Canada who are of the opinion that everything that happened...
  3. FSTO

    Smaller NATO Navies Struggle with Recruitment, Awareness

    When I was on my MARS IV we had 4 Squadron. Yukon, Saskatchewan, Mackenzie, and Qu'appelle were the old DDE's tasked to support training MARS/CSE/MSE officers and all the hard sea trades. 3 ships were always available for training with the 4th in refit. It was a fantastic capability but was...
  4. FSTO

    Smaller NATO Navies Struggle with Recruitment, Awareness

    The MTBs in the English Channel and the PT Boats in the Western Pacific worked that way. So that is nothing new. The LCS were sold as a multi-mission platform (by using interchangeable pods - a concept that never worked) with minimum crewing costs. It failed in that mission spectacularly. As I...
  5. FSTO

    Smaller NATO Navies Struggle with Recruitment, Awareness

    The big heads are looking for the silver bullet that right now seems to be unmanned systems. While I am not a complete luddite I'm of the opinion that unmanned warships are a bridge too far. This article points out the shortcomings of LCS as one of the bell ringers to relying too much on this...
  6. FSTO

    Smaller NATO Navies Struggle with Recruitment, Awareness

    You beat me to it. The establishment of the RCNVR was in response to an attempt by the Army to take all the funding of defence (Post WWI) and shut down the Navy.
  7. FSTO

    US Navy Basic Training increased from 8 weeks to 10 weeks

    Most of this is just a grumpier old man yelling at clouds (me). But unification legacies and the current MARPAC wanting to get rid of Heart of Oak, changing of the ranks, not wanting to be called sir cause it genderizes him, cowtowing to the lowest denominator when it comes to dress and...
  8. FSTO

    US Navy Basic Training increased from 8 weeks to 10 weeks

    Hmm, while we are trying our damnest to erase our Naval history and heritage the USN is doubling down on retaining it. We shall see who is more successful! "Then in the last two weeks, the recruits, who will now be considered sailors, will have to use those skills in scenarios and in focused...
  9. FSTO

    CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    Before I left for the coast, I can confirm that yes Sask requires you to show proof of vaccination to get into a liquor store.
  10. FSTO

    Space Force - Netflix Comedy

    When was the last time the USCG ran aground or collided with other ships? The 3 (now 4?? Yea yea I know the Marines are separate from the Navy but those two are joined at the hip) "combat" services shouldn't be chuckling at the performance of the guard.
  11. FSTO

    Space Force - Netflix Comedy

    Did the get a blind man to tailor those pants? Like all of them are wrong! LOL! And WTF is with those space force jackets? The Hussar's of space?
  12. FSTO

    Public Service shuffle: DM Jody Thomas out

    Minister brings her DM with her. Will that help with culture change?
  13. FSTO

    How to absorb the USMC into the Army and USN

    US Secretary of the Army trying to get into the Navy and Marines shorts? http://cdrsalamander.blogspot.com/2021/12/army-fails-geography.html
  14. FSTO

    What book are you reading now?

    Just about finished Margaret MacMillan's "War, how conflict shape us". Will then tackle Bruce Jones "To Rule the Waves"
  15. FSTO

    2021 Defence Committee’s inquiry into The Navy: purpose and procurement

    I've been going through this document. Lots of references of important world partners, US of course, but Aus, Japan, India and France are mentioned as well. For curiosity sake I did a word search for Canada and which came up 4 times and none of it had to do with being valued partners to the RN.
  16. FSTO

    Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs)

    Honestly, I don't know the engine arrangement for the MCDV's. But it looks like a god damn cold day so any exhaust is going to show.
  17. FSTO

    Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs)

    That will be for hotel (keeping the lights on) services during the cold move.
  18. FSTO

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    It was common knowledge that the MP was sent home (I was in Bahrain at the time) and that it wasn't for compassionate reasons. But details were never released to folks at my level.
  19. FSTO

    Go NAVY beat army!

    Think this works whether it's Football, Futbol, Rugby or Cricket!