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  1. Kirkhill

    Influence Activities Task Force - Nudging.

    Nudging is apparently a thing. It appears to be an Influence Activities thing. Do we apply it externally or internally? https://www.spiked-online.com/2022/01/14/nudge-has-no-place-in-our-democracy/
  2. Kirkhill

    The Small, The Agile and The Many - USNI

    Advancing in circles - Or - how to manage continuous improvement in the military context. The F35 will never be perfect. Just as the F15, F16 and Abrams have not been perfected. They continue to evolve. Until, like the Spitfire, they can evolve no more. The downside is that logistics will...
  3. Kirkhill

    Melding Russian, Chinese and American Strategy - Convergence and Peer Wars

    https://wavellroom.com/2021/12/16/converging-ways-of-war/ A couple of thoughts Or it is because it also appeals to Putin's comfort zone having begun his professional career in the Influence Activities section of the KGB as well as having been dealt a weak economic and military hand...
  4. Kirkhill

    Churchill’s Grim Warning About Science, Human Nature, and the Future - 1931

    https://www.realclearhistory.com/articles/2021/12/05/churchills_grim_warning_about_science_human_nature_and_the_future_806480.html "An admirer of the great Christian writer C.S. Lewis once explained that Lewis “feared what might be done to all nature and especially to mankind if scientific...
  5. Kirkhill

    New 120mm Bullet for the Leopards?

    https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2021/12/03/armor-crews-fire-new-barricade-busting-tank-round/ "The XM-1147 is a “line-of-sight” tank round that is intended to replace the M830 High Explosive Anti-Tank Multipurpose with Tracer, the M830A1, the M1028 Canister rounds and the M908 Obstacle...
  6. Kirkhill

    US Army Role in the Pacific - 5 Tasks

    FYI - Without comment https://www.defenseone.com/policy/2021/12/army-would-have-5-core-tasks-pacific-conflict/187212/
  7. Kirkhill

    Canada releases strategic reserve of maple syrup...

    Things are getting serious now. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2021/11/28/canada-releases-22000-tonnes-stockpiled-maple-syrup/ Apparently it isn't April Fool's
  8. Kirkhill


    Question: Does ADM(IE) have a publicly available inventory of armouries? I have seen 169 cited as the number of armouries in service. Can this, and their locations and tenants be clarified?
  9. Kirkhill

    US Marines Special Operations Command - The Peer to Peer Fight

    https://sldinfo.com/2021/11/a-discussion-with-major-general-james-f-glynn-the-cg-of-marsoc/ The Commandant General of USMARSOC proposing how to employ his Raiders effectively in the Peer-to-Peer fight. He focuses on using them in conjunction with indigenous forces as an Inside Force to...
  10. Kirkhill


    This references a particular party in a particular country. But I believe the same consultants are making the rounds throughout the Anglosphere, and the EU and probably the OECD. I don't think they'll make many sales in Russia or China. I suspect that those locals already understand the power...
  11. Kirkhill

    359 - Of AUKUS, 5Is and Quads

    Shades of G7/G20 https://www.defenseone.com/threats/2021/11/nine-eyes-bill-would-look-adding-four-countries-intel-sharing-pact/186550/ I saw the article and immediately started to wonder how they were going to maintain a secure environment if they added Japan, Korea, India and Germany to...
  12. Kirkhill

    GBAD - The return of 'FOBS'

    The return of 'FOBS': China moves the space arms race into the nuclear sphere China recently demonstrated a new orbital hypersonic glide vehicle weapons system, to the surprise and alarm of senior leaders in Washington and allied capitals around the world. Their concern is well placed. This...
  13. Kirkhill

    New US Frigate gets 57mm Main Gun

    https://www.naval-technology.com/news/us-navy-constellation-class-frigates-mk-110-guns/ The US Navy has decided to equip its new Constellation-class frigates with fully automatic 57mm Mk 110 naval guns. This is the same gun found on the US LCS and the Halifax frigates. Right? It seems to...
  14. Kirkhill

    Industrial Strategy - Capitalizing the Canadian Forces

    D&B: You're right! https://www.army.ca/forums/threads/force-2025-informing-the-army%E2%80%99s-future-structure.134170/post-1692298 https://www.army.ca/forums/threads/force-2025-informing-the-army%E2%80%99s-future-structure.134170/page-119#post-1692301...
  15. Kirkhill

    The Carabinieri in Kabul

    As the Brits launch their SFAB and ASOB to match the US Green Berets and Security Force Assistance Brigades, and Canada contemplates its Army and SOF structure and roles this article reminds me that other countries have other approaches and assets. The Gendarmerie concept is one that the...
  16. Kirkhill

    Light Weapons Carrier - New Wiesel

    2 man vehicle Remote Weapons Station 4 independent electrically powered tracks - keeps going if one track destroyed. https://militaryleak.com/2021/08/21/germany-unveils-its-gsd-luwa-light-air-transportable-armoured-fighting-vehicle/?noamp=mobile Germany Unveils Its GSD LuWa Light...
  17. Kirkhill

    Brigade of Gurkhas to be joined by an Afghan Brigade?

  18. Kirkhill


    https://www.wsj.com/articles/meritocracy-wooldridge-kendi-carlson-admissions-standardized-tests-affirmative-action-cuny-11629237426 blob:https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/c37ec530-8428-4db7-9d94-0f97fa3bc38d The value of credentials. You get what you pay for. Do you measure the person's...
  19. Kirkhill


    this observation from John Agresto: via https://thefederalist.com/2021/08/16/we-all-should-be-appalled-by-what-is-happening-in-afghanistan/ https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2021/07/05/terrifying-truth-millions-do-not-want-lockdown-ever-end/ Why do criminals reoffend? What is the...
  20. Kirkhill

    In Praise of the Infantry - Her Majesty's Odd Job Men.

    "Her Majesty's Odd Job Men" is a phrase I first heard from a British paratrooper, circa 1960. He heard it from his RSM while serving in 1st (Guards) Parachute Battalion in 1946, in Palestine with 6th Airborne Division. At the time 6th Airborne Div was the British Government's Strategic...