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    CAF with 2% GDP

    What would CAF be like with a budget of 2% GDP?
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    US intends to sell 260 Block 1 Apaches, South Korea considering buying 36, would Canada be interested in used Apaches?
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    Has Canada commited to the JSF as the sole future fighter or are other options such as a squadron of EA-18G's.
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    What truck do you believe will win the MSVS program? I hope its Oshkosh or MAN. What other manufacturer's are likely to bid?
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    Interim Sealift

    The RN RFA Sir Galahad is soon to pay off IMHO such a ship would make a excellent interim sealift vessel until the navy commissions the new support ships, both flight deck and forward vehicle deck are strenghtened for Chinook op's and a fair number of vehicles and supplies can be embarked...