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  1. chadk

    VR Question

    I haven't found an answer to this, and maybe that's a hint, but if a member VRs from Regs can that member get help with education just as someone being released medically?
  2. chadk

    Sick Leave Length? - TCAT

    Writing this in bed severely frustrated at the last few months.  Haven't shared on here, but have been dealing with bad headaches and vertigo and nausea since end of May.  Has not gone away.  Have been seeing Military medical throughout and civilian doctors as well as having MRI's, CAT Scans...
  3. chadk


    Came across this thread in search of vertigo issues.  Wonder if anyone can shed some light on what happens if a military member has been suffering from dizzy spells ( not yet diagnosed) This has only been 5 months.  I have spent a majority of my time ashore on sick leave at home rather than at...
  4. chadk

    trade specific medical requirements

    I have a question that pertains to a remuster that i am starting to go from Steward to Supply tech.  I qualified for supply and am QL5 qualified as a Steward.  I have my medical coming up on the 19 of April and in talking with the office clerk on the phone from CDU1, she informed me that for...
  5. chadk

    Postings and IR

    Without getting too much flack in case i didnt do a complete search of similar topics ( think I did ) I am wondering what the current state of IR is for requested postings?  I have been trying for a few years now ( waiting until all the i's were dotted ) to try for a posting to Trenton from...
  6. chadk

    What age is too old to commission

    What age within the Canadian Forces would be too old to commission?  In some military's there seems to be age limits but I'm not sure about ours.  I'm 41.
  7. chadk

    Questions on Military Arts and Sciences

    I will soon hopefully see the PSO but am wondering if anyone who has taken Military Arts and Sciences could shed light on what possible Navy Officer trades would be open to such degree?  I know that the military is chosing to use specific degrees in some Navy trades such as Economics for...
  8. chadk

    Memo for AVOT

    I am certainly not asking for someone to write my memo but I could use some help in wording of a memo to start my AVOT to Supply tec.  What should I start the memo off with? Any specific wording?  What type of information should you include in a memo that is for a AVOT? Thank you
  9. chadk

    Liberal Arts Degree

    I have already contacted the recruiting centre to find out if the military took graduates of liberal arts degrees and they do although limiting your choices.    Mine is in History.  Without seeing a PSO, I am unsure of  what trades I could use it towards within the Navy as I am already serving...
  10. chadk

    Liberal Arts Degree

    Can anyone tell me if the Canadian Forces will commission as an Officer someone who has obtained a Liberal Arts degree rather than an technical degree say in Engineering.
  11. chadk

    DMedPol Question

    I am looking for someone who might know where to find information pertaining to DMedPol and my tcat.  I was on my third tcat from having surgery ( waiting for surgery and the recovery ) and as of last week have been completely cleared by medical on base.  Which means that I no longer have any...
  12. chadk

    Looking for Reference # for memo to become Flight Steward

    Can anyone point me in the right direction as to the reference number to finish my memo for Flight Steward?
  13. chadk

    Form Search

    Does anyone know or can anyone send me a link for the OT Application Version, Parts 1-3.  I have looked. 
  14. chadk

    depression and compassionate posting

    Hey Guys: Does anyone know if you can get a compassionate posting for depression...say back in a base close to family?
  15. chadk


    This may have been talked about numerous times but I am wondering (without going to my actual chain of command ) about remustering.  I am an Ordinary Seaman Steward.  I have just completed my 5s course and have decided that I would like to change to being a cook.  I will have been in 2 years in...
  16. chadk

    Flight Steward and Color Blindness

    Hey All.  I am wondering if there are any Flight Stewards on here.  I am a Steward just finishing up my 5's course and I will be going to see a Doctor at the MIR soon, but was hoping someone might know about color vision standards to become a flight steward.  I already know that I am color blind.
  17. chadk


    Just a question about my PMQ.  I am living in a 4 bedroom pmq, if you'd call the fourth bedroom a bedroom.  I have 2 kids with me and my wife is thinking about leaving me and the kids and moving home ....I don't want to lose my house because of the kids being with me and the fact that they...
  18. chadk

    HMCS Algonquin

    Hi out there.  I have been posted to the Alqonquin and was hoping there might be someone that could tell me about her. 
  19. chadk

    Routine Orders

    Forgive me if this is the wrong spot for this, I am writing an essay and I am wondering if someone could give me a definition of what a Routine Order is, and some thoughts as to why they are important?