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  1. Quirky

    Freedom Convoy protests [Split from All things 2019-nCoV]

    What in the truck is going on here.
  2. Quirky

    Low-Level Fighter Ops and FACs (Cold War Reminiscences)

    With munitions being ever more precise from high altitudes, what’s the need to train for such missions - high speed, extremely low level bombings? Was there ever such a mission profile in our last campaigns in Kosovo, Iraq, Libya and recently Iraq/Syria?
  3. Quirky

    Clearing CUSTOMS Split from: BOOT REGULATIONS:

    I remember going through security at YQQ* in uniform. Everyone had to take their boots off because of the steel toe. I was wearing my safety Magnums and I politely told the old gentlemen that these aren't steel toe and won't set off the detector. His response was "I was in the military for 30...