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  1. Mike Rochefort

    ERFC BFC ST-JEAN serial 7445

    Looking for anyone still around from our recruit course,we were originaly 7444 but at 100 or so it was decided to split us up and A to M were 7444 and N to Z were in 7445. All were H120 before the megaplex in St-Jean. One instructor was CPL Butch Bouchard from ARTY later he was to be an RSM. Our...
  2. Mike Rochefort

    NBCW Can Anthrax or similar substances be detected with current NBC kits.

    I have had the pleasureĀ of being involved in a suspicious package scare today and watched the local civilian officials go into a tail spin with various protocols and involving just about every EMO in the city. Being retired member of the CAF and holding the qualification of NBCW mobile op it has...