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  1. KevinB

    USMC Future of Warfare Video

    Interesting to see the release.
  2. KevinB

    New US Army Basic Training Concept

    Not 100% all the screaming to be gone but... https://www.military.com/daily-news/2022/10/18/less-screaming-more-weightlifting-army-reinventing-basic-training-gen-z.html?utm_campaign=dfn-ebb&utm_medium=email&utm_source=sailthru&SToverlay=2002c2d9-c344-4bbb-8610-e5794efcfa7d
  3. KevinB

    USMC Warns over Navy plans to scrap Amphibious Ships.

    Guess they aren’t sexy enough for the Navy. https://www.defensenews.com/naval/2022/10/04/us-marines-warn-against-navys-fy24-decommission-scheme/
  4. KevinB

    Convictions in "Fat Leonard" trial

    Only $35M USD of Fraud...
  5. KevinB

    Infantry Vehicles

    The C5 wasn’t mobile - it was absolutely impossible to use in a ‘light role’ and requires a tripod. The C6/MAG-58/M240/L7A2 etc on the other hand is decently effective off the bipod in the light role - and quite effective in the SF kit. Any CarlG sight won’t really work for a Mortar or MG, the...
  6. KevinB

    Meanwhile in Iran

    https://www.defensenews.com/global/mideast-africa/2021/12/16/iran-more-than-doubles-revolutionary-guards-budget-in-fy22-bill/ 22B USD Defense budget - 50% more than last year.
  7. KevinB

    Senate passes NDAA

    https://www.defensenews.com/news/pentagon-congress/2021/12/15/congress-passes-defense-policy-bill-with-budget-boost-military-justice-reforms/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Breaking%20News%2012.15.21&utm_term=Editorial%20-%20Breaking%20News 25B more than was asked - mostly to...
  8. KevinB

    Firearms - The US Discussion Thread

    NCIS (National Criminal Instant-Check System)   It is a Federally mandated law in the US that anyone buying a firearm from a licensed dealer must "pass" as well fill out the 4473 paperwork, before the store may transfer the gun to them. https://www.atf.gov/file/61446/download The 4473 records...
  9. KevinB

    US Army to partner Regular and NG units

    shared with all that disclaimer stuff... http://www.armytimes.com/article/20140624/NEWS/306240066/Army-s-new-plan-Active-Guard-brigade-team-ups To make up for lost time and money, the Army has ramped up its combat training center rotations this year. It is also pairing brigade combat teams...
  10. KevinB

    AAR REDBACK ONE 2 Day Advanced Combat Carbine 27-28 April 2013, Echo Valley WV

    While nothing really to do with the CF...     Jason Falla is a former SASR guy, and he speaks very highly of the guys from CANSOF, even the CSOR guys (who apparently did very well in Jordan recently in their Warrior Competition) Having attended a number of classes from trainers over the past...
  11. KevinB

    Kevin's SR-25 EMC

    Now granted I do work for KAC, but this one is mine... all mine  :cool: COMP M4S until I can save enough for the Leupold CQBSS... I shot a .435 group with the Leupy on this gun, but sadly I could not keep the Leupy  :( It has one of the first prototype "Super Tap" Enhanced...
  12. KevinB

    British on board for ATK SOST Ammuntion...

    A welcome change... Paging Canada  ;) http://www.armytimes.com/news/2010/06/military_uk_new_bullet_060610w/ U.K. joins Army, Corps in hunt for new bullet By Andrew Chuter - Staff writer Posted : Sunday Jun 6, 2010 14:43:19 EDT LONDON — Britain has joined a search for a better-performing...
  13. KevinB

    AAC Silencer Shoot 2009

    Advanced Armament Company of Ga. hosted their annual Silencer Shoot last weekend. Industry, Military and civilians where out in full force.  Unlike other gatherings this was pretty laid back so you could interact with some entities on a lot more relaxed basis - sharing a dip like stuff. ...
  14. KevinB


    As many of you know I am not a big fan of PDW's.  Mainly since the NATO PDW requirement mandates a round that fits in both a handgun and long arm.  The rounds are penetration driven with no thought to terminal performance, and given the contraints of having a handgun, the round is a small round...
  15. KevinB

    Carbine Perfection?

    Well as I sit at revision infinity of my primary long gun, I am fairly confident that this is it - or as near to it as is really worth it for me. I'm still planning on swapping the redi-mag for the Blue Force Gear skeletonized version - as I like the weight savings - and I like the other...
  16. KevinB

    Hk416 to Direct Impingment

    Hk 416 to M16FOW DI gas Short Barrel (11.5) Pictorial overview Both weapons fired for over 1100 rounds (800 AA40 Frangible, and 300 rds M855) ea.  No cleaning performed other than adding lube to the 11.5 DI gun three times.  I am not trying to lead a horse to water in this – just to offer up...
  17. KevinB

    Hk21A1 - the SAW with some class...

    Recently BigRed went on leave and left me a new toy to play with. I had seen the mythical beast previous - having gotten a short fam fire with it in the early 90's at Connaught, and had seen the Greek Cypriot SF with its younger brother the Hk23 while in Cyprus.   Whats not to like about a...
  18. KevinB


    Reposted off Lightfighter -- to bring up belt order wear stuff here... I appreciate a small segement of the CF gets pistols - and only Tan hatted guys get to learn to shoot them at work. The belt has practicality for non pistol users too -- BigRed has 40mm rounds on his belt etc. I...
  19. KevinB

    Niky Joyce ex HMCS Carelton - Dow's Lake, Ottawa

    In the unlikely event anyone is in touch with her. Please - tell her to change her fricken Facebook secuirty settings - or stop poking me, cuz I cannot return it or send her messages with the way they are set now... thanks  
  20. KevinB

    Well now for the board unvieling of Kev's Iraq work gun (1911 .45ACP)

    Well some members here have already seen this guy in some other places -- but I figured I would "come out" here and admit that I am a .45 user Yeah I got a new Strider... The finish has chipped in some areas -- but it seems to have settled down.   Next gun I am...