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  1. Rifleman62

    Airborne Tactical Advantage Company's F1 Mirage fighters Crash

    https://www.airforcemag.com/acc-awards-3-companies-contract-for-adversary-air-support/ https://www.military.com/daily-news/2022/02/10/fighter-jet-luke-air-force-base-crashes-fireball-during-training-mission-pilot-ejects.html Fighter Jet from Luke Air Force Base Crashes in 'Fireball' During...
  2. Rifleman62

    The Western Front Association

    (British Army) Battalion Commanders in World War 1 Several very interesting lectures here including some by Tim Cook on the Cdns. This video is somewhat in the context of Montgomery 's methods while commanding South East Command in 1942 to get rid of Cdn CO's as:
  3. Rifleman62

    Disability Benefits Arising From Service-Related Treatment Injury

    Interpretation Panel finds CAF and RCMP may be eligible for disability benefits arising from service-related treatment injury Veterans Affairs Canada , May 18, 2021 From: Veterans Review and Appeal Board OTTAWA, ON, May 18, 2021 /CNW/ - Today, the Veterans Review and Appeal Board (VRAB)...
  4. Rifleman62

    The first Medal of Honor Action On Video

    Many have seen this video and are familiar with the event. Video at link. A new twist is the narration. https://taskandpurpose.com/news/medal-of-honor-john-chapman-drone-video/?mc_cid=ca83dee870&mc_eid=f210770299 The first Medal of Honor action ever captured on video happened 19 years ago
  5. Rifleman62

    2020-21 NCVA Legislative Program

    Last years Proposed Legislative Program was adopted at the 2019 NCVA Annual Meeting, held in Toronto on December 6, 2019. https://ncva-cnaac.ca/en/legislative-program/ Att is the current program for comparison.
  6. Rifleman62

    Secrets of the Dead: World War Speed

    Tonight on PBS - 25 Jun 19 This was also on James Holland's Twitter page last week. https://www.foxnews.com/science/nazi-soldiers-used-super-drug-in-world-war-ii?cmpid=NL_SciTech Nazi soldiers used performance-enhancing 'super-drug' in World War II, shocking documentary reveals A shocking...
  7. Rifleman62

    75th Anniversary of D-Day

    Does anyone have the tasking Order for this. What is the CF commitment? Is the Arty dedicating a new Memorial in Caen? Details? The RWpgRif, an assaulting Bn in 1944, is only authorized one Rfn for the Guard of Honour (150 or less?) VAC has not released any details re the Juno Beach events on...
  8. Rifleman62

    Amazon's Worldwide Broadband Internet Access Plan

    If this comes together, I am sure the CRTC will get it blocked to protect Cdn Telcoms. Anyone who shops on Amazon.ca or Amazon.com, ever notice the big price differences that are a lot more than just the dollar exchange? Any item I have looked at are very pricey...
  9. Rifleman62

    "The Tables Turn in Russian Collusion Hunt"

    https://amgreatness.com/2019/03/31/the-tables-turn-in-russian-collusion-hunt/ The Tables Turn in Russian Collusion Hunt - By Victor Davis Hanson - 31 Mar 19 The irony of the entire Russian collusion hoax is that accusers who cried the loudest about leaking, collusion, lying, and obstruction...
  10. Rifleman62

    Administrative Difficulties while deployed as a Reservist

    That's not restricted to Mid- and senior-level officers. Heard NCO's/WO's attempt this when I was serving. E.G. A recent example. My grandson is deployed on a ship. On Cl "C" Reserve service well before before Xmas. His home unit Clks didn't fix the pay problem for months while on workup trg...
  11. Rifleman62

    Alberta Election (2019)

    https://globalnews.ca/news/5071371/alberta-election-2019-announcement/ Alberta’s 2019 election underway as Premier Notley drops the writ- 19 Mar 19 An Alberta election that some political pundits have said could be one for the ages will be held in 28 days, on Tuesday, April 16, as Premier...
  12. Rifleman62

    PBO Report - Veterans Pensions Comparison

    Report at link, and att. One point off the hop, the PBO used data from VAC. All the recent reports of financial screw ups at VAC puts the data acquisition at risk. https://pbo-dpb.gc.ca/en/blog/news/veterans_benefits The cost differential between three regimes of Veterans Benefits - 21 Feb...
  13. Rifleman62

    The New West

    Interesting analysis received via email as a subscriber to Angus Reid. At link is the AR project surveys to date. The New West - By Angus Reid, Chairman     Economy, Identity, Politics, and the Future of Canada I’m a child of Western Canada. Born in Regina after the Second World War, raised in...
  14. Rifleman62

    Federal Government Appointments Opportunities

    Looking for a senior position? https://pcogic.njoyn.com/cl3/xweb/Xweb.asp?tbtoken=YlhYS1USRRguJS5ALiReFnx0NVZJYyROdnlddFVYbydRIVARfGwuLTBtLEsachZzPApQVhRSTz5l&chk=dFlbQBJf&CLID=52106&page=joblisting&lang=1 Appointment opportunities Welcome to our new website, we continue to improve the...
  15. Rifleman62

    Fractured federation - Angus Reid Institute - 24 Jan 19

    Percentages have changed; results similar. http://angusreid.org/new-west-fractured-federation/ Fractured federation: Amid competing priorities, which provinces believe they give & get more from Canada? - 24 Jan 19     Grievances in Western Canada & ambivalence towards Quebec highlight...
  16. Rifleman62

    Cabinet Shuffle Jan 19

    It seams the new VAC Minister feels she was demoted and is disgruntled. Just what the bureaucrats at VAC like: a disengaged Minister. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/john-ivison-wilson-raybould-couldnt-hide-her-disappointment-at-move-from-justice-minister?video_autoplay=true John Ivison...
  17. Rifleman62

    Native Conflicts vs the Economy

    http://nationalpost.pressreader.com/national-post-latest-edition/20190111 Why Native Conflicts Often Seem Insolvable - National Post - 11 Jan 19 - Kelly McParlaned     HEALTHY DOSE OF SCHADENFREUDE TO BE HAD FROM THE TROUBLE IN B.C. It might not seem immediately evident, but it’s possible the...
  18. Rifleman62

    From war heros to accused war criminal

    From war hero to accused war criminal: US service members under fire from their own government     The wives of Mathew Golsteyn and Eddie Gallagher along with the mother of Clint Lorance share their stories on 'Fox & Friends.' https://www.foxnews.com/    (Video at Link) Located in left side...
  19. Rifleman62

    Justin Trudeau's deteriorating approval rating

    http://angusreid.org/federal-issues-dec2018/ (Report at Link) Winter of Discontent: As Justin Trudeau’s approval deteriorates, can his rivals make gains? - 19 Dec 18     For the first time since October 2015, someone other than Trudeau is seen as best PM December 19, 2018 – At the end of what...
  20. Rifleman62

    Federal Cabinet Ratings - Dec 18

    http://angusreid.org/cabinet-performance-2018/  (Report at Link) Federal Cabinet Ratings: A happy new year for Freeland; Hussen, Sohi face cold winter ahead     Files Trudeau government has found itself vulnerable on take toll on ministers responsible for them December 14, 2018 –  While...