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    OMM Revocation

    North Star said: Weird obscure protocol thing: now that he's no longer a holder of an OMM, doesn't he lose the silver-mullet cougars? For clarity's sake, the "silver mullet cougars" are supporters of former GG Julie Payette's coat of arms, not Gen Vance's. That said, Vance's (now revoked) CMM...
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    A Deeply Fractured US

    Thanks, Brihard, for these succinct updates. Very informative!
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    GG Spending

    The older 2 x Challenger 601 aircraft with obsolescent avionics were replaced by 2 x Challenger 650, resulting in a mixed fleet of 604 and 650 jets that are compliant with current standards. An avionics upgrade has been available for 604s since 2017, and according to the 2020 press release...
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    2022 CPC Leadership Discussion: Et tu Redeux

    Attributing the quote also sends a notification to the person being quoted, allowing timelier responses in order to clarify, provide context, rebut etc.
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    A Deeply Fractured US

    The photo of documents arranged on the floor wasn't leaked, it was included in a DOJ court filing.
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    A Deeply Fractured US

    To be fair, he started with "one could say" which is by no means definitive. You don't seem to start your attacks with any disclaimer either. Just sayin'.
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    A Deeply Fractured US

    Feel free to provide the context of Trump's call to Georgia Sec'y of State Raffensperger. The full transcript of the call is published by various sources online. While you're at it, address the attempt to replace state-certified electors with an alternate slate of electors, the dozens of court...
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    A Deeply Fractured US

    That's a pretty convenient way to minimize past actions. Politicians and pundits employing "overturn" and "illegitimate" election rhetoric tend to fall in line once the losing candidate publicly concedes. That's why "they failed to incite anyone sufficiently" in 2016. Or, as you suggest...
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    A Deeply Fractured US

    Hilary Clinton called Donald Trump to concede. She also asked her supporters to accept the results of the election. Obama, the Clintons, Carter all attended Donald Trump's inauguration.
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    A Deeply Fractured US

    Of course, people will act if a desire is strong enough, but it's quite a leap to assume malfeasance will be the result. There is nothing wrong with either party taking action based on their desires and beliefs. If Democrats (or Republicans) wish to introduce legislation in order to advance...
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    A Deeply Fractured US

    Thanks. My point was to address your claim that: "Democrats are the ones who most often express desire to change the fundamental rules for elections (eg. electoral college); to stack or otherwise alter the USSC; to add states purely for the purpose of rebalancing the senate; to narrow the...
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    A Deeply Fractured US

    Donald Trump falsely claimed election fraud before, during, and after election. He pressured state officials to invalidate results. He pressured state officials to "find" votes for him. He actively and publicly encouraged disruption of the counting of Electoral College votes. He and his...
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    3 Wing Change of Command “Delayed”

    To be precise, the article mentions comments made at the gathering, not the call-signs themselves... Edit to add: your statement isn't wrong though
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    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    Sure, but is "slight inconvenience" any less an infantile argument against "probably/provably" mitigating COVID transmission by wearing a mask?
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    Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Assassinated

    "In Japan, like in China and Korea, the first name follows the family name. A person with the first name "Ichiro" and the family name "Suzuki" is, therefore, called "Suzuki Ichiro" rather than "Ichiro Suzuki"." https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2271.html
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    Canada - The Last Super Power

    Fair point. I'm not under the impression that Canada could be (or should be) a super power - but it would certainly be a refreshing change to have a government able to undertake meaningful, ambitious projects (any portfolio) that could benefit all, instead of short-sighted voter pandering. I...
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    Canada - The Last Super Power

    We'd also need a government/political party willing to commit to a grand strategy or vision for the country, instead of myopically focussing on "winning the next election" ...
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    FWSAR (CC130H, Buffalo, C27J, V22): Status & Possibilities

    Just for clarification: who takes over the air rescue mission from the RCAF? Do you envision CCG and RCMP operating SAR aircraft fleets?