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  1. NavyShooter

    USN Laser and Drone swarms....

    Saw an interesting video last evening discussing the USN's use of their fancy new laser on the USS Portland. Also some VERY interesting discussion about drone swarm encounters off the coast of California in their OP Areas - the question of where the drones come from was left hanging - and it...
  2. NavyShooter

    FRE Fire - 18 Nov

    Reports in the media of a fire on HMCS Fredericton - no injuries, lost power, now proceeding to port in Norway. https://rdnewsnow.com/2021/11/18/fire-breaks-out-on-canadian-warship-off-the-coast-of-norway-no-injuries-reported/...
  3. NavyShooter

    An old piece of iron - C1A1

    Here's something that most folks won't recognize - with some seldom seen accessories as well. An ex OPP C1A1, with the .22 Drop in kit (complete) and the C1 Sniper Scope (complete.) NS
  4. NavyShooter

    6 shot clips for a 9mm revolver

    Who ever thought this would ACTUALLY be a thing... 6 shot clips for a 9mm revolver.
  5. NavyShooter

    General Vance - Inappropriate conduct?

    Interesting snippet in the news tonight. https://globalnews.ca/news/7614063/jonathan-vance-sexual-misconduct-operation-honour/?fbclid=IwAR3-h_5kM-SJM7xc3T3Yc_fG_uzTly9zSdN78x-oTTVJy6f17v0xtoLXC10 "Former chief of defence staff Gen. Jonathan Vance is facing allegations of inappropriate...
  6. NavyShooter

    USS Iowa - Turret Two explosion video

    (136) Turret Two Lecture - YouTube Fascinating - does not delve into the 'personality' issues. It's an hour and a half long - well worth the watch as it focuses on the technical issues related to the explosion. NS
  7. NavyShooter

    1906 US Army Emergency Ration - he eats it...wow

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=562nQKR3_3M&w=660&h=372 Amazing...a pre-WWI US Army Ration and this guy opens it, then eats it.  The chocolate is apparently fairly good. NS
  8. NavyShooter

    DEWAT Lanchester, Live Norinco M14, Live Jungle Carbine

    Good morning, Up for grabs in case anyone is interested - Deactivated Lanchester SMG - comes with 2x STEN magazines and a mag loading tool.  Bolt is welded in place, but the action does open as per the photo. Asking $1500 Live Norinco M14S -this is one of the early 1990's imports I think. ...
  9. NavyShooter

    DEWAT Bren and Live Garand

    In case anyone is interested, I've been asked to help a family clear up their father's gun collection. I've got a De-activated Bren gun (Inglis, 1943) up for grabs - Asking $2200 - contact me for additional detail and photos. Also, a live Winchester Garand in the 1.2M serial number range -...
  10. NavyShooter

    Words....Words escape me...the K-BarTana

    I got nothing...
  11. NavyShooter

    A tale of a bomb...

    Found this article this morning...gives one a healthier respect for the capability of gate sentries!
  12. NavyShooter

    Survey Policies - Question

    Good morning, I seem to recall there being a policy about units not using 'survey monkey' for conducting surveys...is there a link on DWAN that someone could provide me?  Yes, I've done a search on here, and on DWAN but to no avail.  Many hits, no policy detail. Thanks, NS
  13. NavyShooter

    CAFSAC 2019

    Goodday all, In case any of you are heading to CAFSAC 2019, here's my annual update to the Service Rifle Match Booklet. Version 11.0 - this is the 11th year I've been doing this up and distributing it. I won't be there, alas, but good luck and good shooting to all who will be in attendance! NS
  14. NavyShooter

    DEWAT Sten Mark 3

    Good day, Figured I'd offer it up here first - if any of you are interested, I have a deactivated MK 3 STEN that is surplus to my collection needs. T[/color]his came as a package deal with a Mortar that I got, and I already have a Canadian Mk 2 STEN in my collection, so, up it goes.  It is...
  15. NavyShooter

    Ruger Mini-14

    Up for grabs - A 185 series Ruger Mini 14. Comes with 3x 5 rd factory magazines (with 3D printed extension baseplates) and 1x 5x30 (pinned) Thermold style magazine. As can be seen, I have what I believe is the factory scope mount with side-plate and thumb-screw, as well as a Bushnell 4-12...
  16. NavyShooter

    Detailed description of an AR-15 Kaboom

    Rifle appears to have had a round fired in it that was loaded using a Dillon 650 press that didn't have the pistol powder properly cleared out before they started loading rifle ammo. Here's my explanation: "I'm guessing that the left side intubulator was mi-aligned with the bindle-rotor, and...
  17. NavyShooter

    World War I Aerial Photos

    Well, This evening, I was mucking about with a couple of things and ended up on the path of looking at some WWI Trench maps, through the McMaster University Archive: http://library.mcmaster.ca/maps/ww1/ndx5to40.htm Looking at maps, then discovered aerial photos...
  18. NavyShooter

    Mortar Bomb Cut-away (tail section)

    For those who've fired them and are interested in what the tail looks like inside... Not mine, but an interesting find. NS
  19. NavyShooter

    Figure 13 MG Target Image?

    Goodday all, Looking for a decent-ish image of a Figure 13 Machine-Gun target for a document I'm working on. Anyone have one handy by chance? Thanks, NS
  20. NavyShooter

    Operation PLUTO

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv9lBqPVuoE Pipe Lines Under The Ocean I wonder if the pipes are still on the bottom of the channel??