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  1. Happy Guy

    Replacing the Subs

    An article, quoting VAdm (Ret'd) Norman, succinctly sums up the position in which Canada faces with regards to submarines. In brief, the Canadian public and many of its elected leaders, are not mature enough to have a rational and open discussion about nuclear submarines and their overwhelming...
  2. Happy Guy

    First Logistics Officer Course - Air (LOCA) at CFB Winnipeg

    Concur with MJP's assessment on the Log O's (Sup Os) competencies within the Environments. Concur with captloadie's assessment on the Air Sup Os. A Log O's competence is based on several things: thorough knowledge; use of knowledge for planning and successful application; experience at the...
  3. Happy Guy

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    It would be foolhardy to compare Canada's naval forces to our major allies: the US, UK, France or even the Aus. The current and I daresay the future near and immediate Cdn gov'ts / DND will have a significant and difficult time to: (1) attract, recruit, train and retain RCN pers up to...
  4. Happy Guy

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    Thanks for the book recommendation. It makes me wonder how the war brings out magnificent characters like Capt (N) Fuller whereas in peacetime he would probably be disciplined for not following the archaic rules or dress infractions.
  5. Happy Guy

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    Ah, yes ... The never ending debate of which Service is more operational, better, more effective and so forth. I'm the best because .... May I suggest that it all depends on what the government decides is important for their needs at that time.
  6. Happy Guy

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    I agree black forage caps for the RCN! The RN brought back the black forage caps too but only for submariners. I remember seeing a Tan uniform worn by the RCN, prior to unification, at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. Now this is what the RCN needs, another uniform to look even more spiffy...
  7. Happy Guy

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    The Army didn't want pips and crowns and the RCN didn't clamour for the executive curl but looked what happened in the name of tradition. When the Army gets its new khaki service uniform, people will start thinking now ... wait a minute, what about the RCAF and the RCN? Tradition demands that...
  8. Happy Guy

    Artillery Logistics Lessons.

    You will remember the 1990s. The most significant land operations that most senior CA leadership participated was Op SNOWGOOSE - Cyprus. The leadership based their ops experience on this peacekeeping mission and made the cuts accordingly with very little consideration given to CSS, since Cyprus...
  9. Happy Guy

    Artillery Logistics Lessons.

    I believe that the drastic budget cuts in the mid 1990s forced DND/CAF leadership to drastically reduce any type of reserve stock for many materials/eqpt. It costs money to store and maintain material/eqpt. Ammunition requires: specialized bunkers for storage; periodic inspections /...
  10. Happy Guy

    Replacing the Subs

    The National Post published an article about submarine replacement : Canadian government noncommittal on new submarines as allies push forward with nuclear fleet plans In brief the government is facing significant funding pressures; historically military major capital projects goes over budget...
  11. Happy Guy

    The Decline of the Liberal Party- Swerved Into a Confederation Topic

    British psychic prediction about PM Trudeau and Communist China influence. You be the judge.
  12. Happy Guy

    Replacing the Subs

    There is a long list major capital projects that the current and future governments must consider in order to modernize the CAF, improve recruiting and perhaps revitalize the domestic defence industry. A new White Paper by the future government will be required which will take into account the...
  13. Happy Guy

    Naval Lessons from Ukraine/Russia

    I've worked in workshops and garages when I was in various units and we always took health and safety seriously. When I got safety qualified I became even more aware how dangerous a workplace can be under normal peace time conditions. I just appalled at how the senior staff can ignore the...
  14. Happy Guy

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    You're assuming or implying that green will no longer be the colour of the new service uniform. It could still be green to retain the Canadian distinctiveness. Maybe it will khaki, tan or some other colour. Some fractions may be opposed to Khaki because it is too militaristic or it...
  15. Happy Guy

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    Like I have written before I sincerely hope that ADM(MAT) and DLR engages a professional designer to help the Army. The replacement DEU has to served a wide variety of functions from ceremony to office work, which have differing and competing needs. There is the environment too, outdoor...
  16. Happy Guy

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    Interesting discussion. I joined the Land Environment, now known as the Army, in the 1978 and I retired in 2021. I was an NCM who made the transition to the dark side - Officer. Since that time I have endured the following service uniforms (I won't mention the field uniforms and kit because...
  17. Happy Guy

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    Interesting discussion with regards to the organization of the Air Force and which service / environment is more operational. Some people have alluded to that the RCN and CA didn't or would not care about air assets and all of its accompanying facilities, personnel and other requirements. I...
  18. Happy Guy

    Defending Canadian Arctic Sovereignty

    There are some answers and problems interspersed throughout all the forums regarding Canada defending the North. This question was posed and studied when the CAF had CANADA COMMAND (CANCOM) and CANADIAN OPERATIONS SUPPORT COMMAND (CANOSCOM). Numerous were produced and presented to the higher...
  19. Happy Guy

    Logistics vs Healthcare administration officer: army, air force, navy

    CAF Logistics Officer I would suggest that you go to the Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting site to learn more about being a Logistics Officer or Health Care Administrator. I spent over 37 years in the CAF and majority of time was as an Army Logistics Officer specializing in Transportation...
  20. Happy Guy

    2022 CPC Leadership Discussion: Et tu Redeux

    What it takes to make Conservative Party a contender again Interesting podcast on the National Post today with an interview with Ms. Tasha Kheiriddin, who once considered running for the leadership of the CPC. The topic was "What it takes to make the Conservative Party a contender again." I...