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  1. Holedigger

    DEO AERE recruitment 2021

    Hi Danilo, The URL to the CAF online employment application portal is: Create an Account or Sign in – Canadian Armed Forces Online Employment Application You need to create an account therein and check your progress. Cheers.
  2. Holedigger

    Psychiatric form given but no family doctor

    Hi, You best bet is to talk to a medical personnel at your local CAF recruiting centre. Just give them a call/send an email to ask.
  3. Holedigger


    Bonjour, il y a l'application "CFAT Trainer" (coûte environ 14 $) sur l'appstore, ainsi que "Khan Academy", qui a un excellent YouTube ainsi qu'une application, à préparer. Je n'ai jamais été particulièrement bon en maths, mais prendre le temps d'étudier m'a vraiment beaucoup aidé et j'ai réussi...
  4. Holedigger

    Got my Offer today.

    Hi HiTechComms, Congrats on the offer letter! It's been a long process for you. Are you happy with your offer? I mean you wanted the Sigs in the beginning. Anyways, when are you going for the BMOQ? All the best for the new chapter in your life! Thanks.
  5. Holedigger

    Medical Application Psychiatric Question

    Hi there, First off, it is always a good idea to be honest with your application to CAF, kudos to that. Secondly, the depression you had before is not necessarily a deal breaker, the recruiting doctors in Ottawa will make a decision based on all of your medical files (including any letters you...
  6. Holedigger

    Security Screening for immigrants applicants(applying as new citizens)

    Hi there, You will be notified by CFRC personnel once you get cleared on the security check, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to help with this phase of the application. There are many factors at play when it comes to the security clearance, you can find a wealth of information on...
  7. Holedigger

    Need help to process to Canada Force

    Hi mirjahan, Based on what you have told about your situation, most definitely you have no chance at this point of time, unless you talk to your family doctor and ask him/her to write a letter in your favor (if this is doable), and ask CAF to reconsider their decision (regarding the email from...
  8. Holedigger

    Enhanced Reliability Check (ERC) - Merged

    Hi, The ERC is done as part of the background check, when your background check is completed, the ERC should be completed as well. It is not done during BMQ. Holedigger
  9. Holedigger

    Older enlistment Signals DEO 20/21

    Congrats! That's some speed right there. I think it's good to be in in-demand trades. In any case, keep us posted. Thanks.
  10. Holedigger

    Methadone & The CF

    Theoretically yes, that being said, the most reliable source for information on your situation is medical personnel at CFRC. Just give them a call or write an email to ask.
  11. Holedigger

    Coronavirus Impacts on Recruiting Process etc

    Yah, I concur a bit. However, if serving in the CAF is something you really really want, then it is worth the wait.
  12. Holedigger

    Coronavirus Impacts on Recruiting Process etc

    I have been on the comp list since March for AERE if this helps you. :)
  13. Holedigger

    Older enlistment Signals DEO 20/21

    Hi HiTechComms, Congrats on getting booked for medical and interview so quickly given the current pandemic situation, and don't worry about your age, joining the army to serve is more about mindset. Like you said, you are as old as you let yourself be.
  14. Holedigger

    Older enlistment Signals DEO 20/21

    Hi HiTechComms, thanks for your questions. 1. Signals officer demand https://forces.ca/en/careers 2. Additional education It is always a good idea to provide the CFRC with as many documents as possible, especially when it comes to your educational qualifications/trainings, etc., this will...
  15. Holedigger

    Enhanced Reliability Check (ERC) - Merged

    Hello, Is there anyone who knows the difference between a background check and a pre-security assessment? I was under the impression that the pre-security assessment was part of a background check, however, the interactions with the CFRC made me rethink my understanding. For example, sometime...