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  1. bearded1

    Disc Golf

    I don't play myself, but a little further out the course in Gemmill Park has been running for a long time: https://www.odgc.ca/courses/almonte/
  2. bearded1

    Jump ruck frames, Alice pack, pre-cadpat cbts, Mark 3 boots, and more

    The lad is looking for a jump ruck frame...mine was crushed by a building. Will keep an eye on the post
  3. bearded1

    Passing of L.Col. Colin Marmo (ret)

    Sad news for those members of 30 RCA and the Greater Gunner Community: L.Col Colin Marmo, aged 67, passed away peacefully at the Ottawa General at 7:25am, Sunday, 18 Jan 09. Funeral arrangements will be conducted through the Beechwood Cemetery Tentative Funeral Dates: 22 Jan 09, Thursday...
  4. bearded1

    All You Want To Know About Bagpipes[ and then some]- Merged

    I'm on the GHB, but there are Canadian based contacts here: http://www.uilleann.com/contacts.html
  5. bearded1

    All You Want To Know About Bagpipes[ and then some]- Merged

    Go for the Hardies! I have a set of early 50's Hardies and they are a nice mellow tone.  Not silver mounted or anything, but a great set of pipes.  I have to use a band chanter, but the matched wood chanter with the big sole has a great tone too.
  6. bearded1

    Reserves on Reg Force courses.

    Maybe it was an artillery thing in the 80's and 90's, for both attending an instructing.  I took the Reg Force FOO Technicians course (then I spent 5 years and 3 ranks in the BC's party), and in turn assisted on the Reg Force Arty Technicians Course for the Milipac, as I was already on the base...
  7. bearded1

    Innis and Apperley. Where are you???

    My gods...it's old home week.  Steph, Brad and Boland are around as well. Ubique Regan
  8. bearded1

    George Blackburn, MC, CM 1916-2006

    The 2IC and BSM2 attended the ceremony on behalf of the regiment.  The family requested nothing major from the Unit.  I had a healthy dram of Glenmorangie and dipped into "Where the hell are the guns" with my lad.  Ubique Regan
  9. bearded1

    George Blackburn, MC, CM 1916-2006

    I heard on the radio this morning, and thought I should post a quick note on the passing of Capt. George Blackburn, author and long serving FOO, this week.  There is a write-up http://www.cbc.ca/cp/media/061116/X11169AU.html here He was a neat old guy I'd run into at mess dinners, and his books...
  10. bearded1

    How'd you spend Remembrance Day?

    On parade at the Cenotaph in beautiful downtown Almonte http://www.rootsweb.com/~onlanark/Cenotaphs/almonte_cenotaph.htm.  In the rain, and my bagpipes still have not forgiven me, but they will when I explain just how important it was to parade.  Home for a wee dram, then back in to Almonte to...
  11. bearded1

    Officer Board Interview ....? Any Hints or Suggestions to Prepare

    On my board I was hazy (if not completely remiss) about what courses I had taken; when and where; and what postings I had taken; when and where.  That caused some disconsternation (approaching belligerence, actually) with the selection Officer.  I was a Sgt (with a lot of courses) when I CFR'd...
  12. bearded1

    30th unit

    Yep, he was still there when I left.  Nice guy, and yes Herbie is a fairly apt monikor in retrospect. Ubique Regan
  13. bearded1

    O'Connor in the news again

    Dang...and he's my MP, even after gerrymandering my riding. Ubique Regan
  14. bearded1

    Whole Iltis Purchase

    Carleton Automotive in Carleton Place, ON usually has them.  Check http://www.carletonautomotive.com/surplus.htm#military Ubique Regan
  15. bearded1

    Your Body Weight

    According to the BMI I was dangerously obese.  275 at 5'10".  Was sent to the MO, and found to have 9% body fat, just aonther angry young man in the gym everyday.  Just big in my frame, don't let BMI be the only answer. Ubique Regan
  16. bearded1

    All You Want To Know About Bagpipes[ and then some]- Merged

    Piper in Almonte, Ontario, ex-gunner as well, lucky my left ear is the deafer one.  Tunes I'm keen on right now: MacNeil's of Ugadale Mrs. Lilly Christie King George V Army Hammer and Anvil (I'm a blacksmith) Cullen Bay And picking up Keel Row for a funeral .... Ubique Regan
  17. bearded1

    Hey ya'll-Any Grey and Foresters?

    Spent a year there as an Artillery Lt. waiting for a remuster in 1998...never happend and I moved back to the Guns Ubique Regan
  18. bearded1

    Making Recce-Observed Faux Fire Missions More Interesting

    In peace time, there would be a stand-fast (followed by the gentle squeack as the 2 mil elevation error is corrected...) on the guns after a pre-emptory end of mission, and a significant scrutiny on charge bags (invariably a charge error) by the TSMs and Safety-O.  Then some charges would...
  19. bearded1

    Lanyards- which side is battle honour/dishonour?

    Our unit had no history of lanyards for NCOs, (verboten in my time actually) regardless of dress, and we had never thought about them. As instructors on leadership courses with Foot Guards and Highlanders, we felt a bit left out of the whole lanyard thing (not to mention the pace stick...
  20. bearded1

    Hearing damage

    They tested my eyes (possible laser damage) and ears when I released after 15 years as a gunner (1/2 on the guns, 1/2 in the FOO hence the laser), and the MO informed I me I could 'probably' apply for disability, but there was nothing on my file in relation to hearing tests or rounds fired and...