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  1. PuckChaser

    Canadian Forces service members living in cars, unable to afford groceries

    Its only a taxable benefit until the law changes. We were able to have all named operations declared tax free up to a certain pay level, there's no reason why we couldn't have any gap in PMQ cost vs market rate tax free as well.
  2. PuckChaser

    Correcting MMPR Mistake?

    The easiest solution is for you to get back in, and then take the course report to your Orderly Room and have them add it. Otherwise you're not getting it added.
  3. PuckChaser

    Former CO, RSM of Alert charged

    Reset the counter!
  4. PuckChaser

    Pre BMQ Surgery

    Are you enrolled already? If so, speak to your Section Commander and let them know you are scheduled for surgery however you've been told by your surgeon not to anticipate any issues/complications that would prevent you from being on the course as scheduled. You are not required to disclose the...
  5. PuckChaser

    10 years and still waiting.

    No, but the failed CFAT and poor credit making your file a weak pass are within your control. Your additional medical screening doesn't help but that's no way within your control but adds significant time to the process. I guess I was right about the maturity thing.
  6. PuckChaser

    10 years and still waiting.

    You failed the CFAT the first time. I'm willing to bet a lot of the delays are issues you caused either directly or indirectly, one of which is actually failing the CFAT in 2013. I hope you have a better attitude than you did back then, because those posts are pretty toxic.
  7. PuckChaser

    Will 2021 see a new pistol buy?

    That stops you from throwing it at the target when it inevitably jams though.
  8. PuckChaser

    Will 2021 see a new pistol buy?

    I think it was actually a Level -1 retention because the holster would actively try to drop your pistol on the ground.
  9. PuckChaser

    Liberal Minority Government 2021 - ????

    If you needed another example that the carbon tax is more politics than climate policy: No more carve-outs coming, Trudeau tells Canadians hoping for carbon tax pause on all home heating types Buy votes in Liberal strongholds in Atlantic Canada, giant FU to the rest of the much colder parts of...
  10. PuckChaser

    Hamas invaded Israel 2023

    Egypt will potentially come to the table when Hamas is dead. There's a reason they're keeping Rafah closed; they don't want Muslim Brotherhood aligned terrorists in their borders any more than Israel wants them.
  11. PuckChaser

    BGRS Hacked

    Backups cost money. Probably less than $15M but they took a risk and now get to live with the results.
  12. PuckChaser


    CM: "Your parents are going to die." Everyone else: Did the CM just say he was going to kill our parents? Probably thinking of the same guy who promoted 120 people to MCpl every year (including some on their first PER being a ready) to generate Pri 2 cost moves that got given to the MWO/CWOs...
  13. PuckChaser

    Hamas invaded Israel 2023

    Seeing a lot of fighting age males preaching hate against Israel from the safety of the West. Time to start booking them 1 way plane tickets back to Gaza so they can back up their words with actions.
  14. PuckChaser

    NHL: No more pride, military appreciation, other theme jerseys on ice

    Silent auction of those jerseys that are only worn in warmups for superstar players can get into 5 figures. For some reason the Pride ones never did...
  15. PuckChaser

    NHL: No more pride, military appreciation, other theme jerseys on ice

    It's a shame really, because Hockey Fights Cancer and the mil appreciation jerseys raise a ton of money for great charities.
  16. PuckChaser

    Info techs, avionic techs, signal techs

    It's a futile effort, they won't give you an extra point because you really want it. You'll need to do academic upgrading and rewrite. All of those trades have hands on work involved, however you will have desk postings and won't have much of a choice in the matter. If your heart is set on ATIS...
  17. PuckChaser

    Info techs, avionic techs, signal techs

    Sig Tech and IS tech is under ACISS thread. All 3 trades are so broad in scope without specific questions you'll have to dig to read up on them.
  18. PuckChaser

    Hamas invaded Israel 2023

    Hamas should have checked passports, they're decisively in the Find Out stage of FAFO.
  19. PuckChaser

    Good Physical fitness in all areas except Pull ups

    Then do as many as you can and don't quit. Work in your off time to get more.