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  1. GINge!

    In need of HRMS / Guardian Ninja

    Follow up - Thankful for MCpl's today! Our L1 O&E figured out that by deleting the job sub-function code, it opens up the main job codes for the Cpl - MWO ranks. As for PTE > OFFR, the PTE position has to be made redundant in HRMS while creating the OFFR position. CM has to make sure any filled...
  2. GINge!

    In need of HRMS / Guardian Ninja

    Unfortunately, I think that is me. Our HRA released and the CC doesn't have O&E access. I'm working with DVCDS O&E and have a mtg with them today, but I don't have great expectations. Thanks for the CFP 219, I will follow that down.
  3. GINge!

    In need of HRMS / Guardian Ninja

    I'm neck deep in EC and have hit a wall with a reorg project. I have Guardian O&E access. Trying to change Pte/Avr ranks to NCM. There's no option in the drop down job code or rank fields to do this. I can change a Cpl to a MWO no problem, but when it comes to Pte to Cpl I am stumped...
  4. GINge!

    M24 Chaffee in Canadian Service

    Sending 1 tank to a Regt; talk about an orphan fleet. I wonder what argument was used to send 1 of them there? Armed CO's runabout?
  5. GINge!

    All things Health Care Admin/HCA (merged)

    Not sure if this is still the case, but applicants with Master's degrees were advance promoted to Captain. Plus, you are instantly more competitive at the Capt boards with an additional point for your graduate degree.
  6. GINge!


    ah, necropost warning...bashing on Mike, do you know what is involved in transferring from MPC PRL to NAV RES? I'm competing for an "Any" MOSID REO with NAV RES. Currently, as HS, I am on MPC PRL on contract (outside MOSID again) at CJOC. Or, are you aware if a transfer is definitely...
  7. GINge!

    CAF Pension managed by PWGSC

    Released Aug 2016, into a Temp Cl B <180 day contract. PWGSC said I was not entitled to an annuity. Had to speak with four reps, all sang the same tune. And when I means speak to four reps, I mean literally hours on hold and being bounced from person to person. Finally got someone who was...
  8. GINge!

    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    Hey Fellas, first time over in this part of Army.ca. Got a friend who wrote her CFAT today. She was trying for PSEL. Did not meet the cut off. That's the short version. A bit more info - she has graduated with BA in Psych, was a former PRes Security Officer (Lt), passed FORCE, E-E-E French...
  9. GINge!


    Oh yeah! Where did you get the rollers? It looks like its on display in a hobby shop? Well done!
  10. GINge!

    M24 Chaffee in Canadian Service

    Let us know if you find any photos. I have a Bronco 35th Chaffee I'd like to do up in RCAC markings. I think there is a Chaffee at Borden, but I'm not sure of its pedigree.
  11. GINge!

    "Canadian Armed Forces creates new officer occupation for Physician Assistants"

    That's a good question. I wonder if it would be a matter of a VOT and PLAR (plus the delta in course load)?
  12. GINge!

    Leopard 2a4m can in afghan (Hobbyboss Kit)

    I thought there the HB 2A4M could be made OOB and accurate. The box art may have the wrong colours, but were they not in AFG as per the box art, ie, no barracuda cam, at least for a short while? Or did they roll off the Antonovs with the cuda cam in place? PS - there's more Leopard 1 goodness...
  13. GINge!

    MO not following Surgeon recommendations...

    I wonder if OP is confusing a 6-month TCAT with actual MEL.
  14. GINge!

    AVGP Recce Variant

    AVGP "Weasel" LdSH(RC) Recce Troop...
  15. GINge!

    LAV-III Air Defence Variant

    LAV-III ADV of 128 Air Defence Battery equipped with quad plasma cannons in the 40 megawatt range...
  16. GINge!

    All things Health Care Admin/HCA (merged)

    You're correct  - CAP was dropped a couple years ago. You will have to do the BHCA and HSOSOC. They used to run them back to back in the summer for reservists. Reg F HCA are expected (but not mandated) to complete AJOSQ and ATOC. Some are selected for AOC, some for AMEDD (USA). There really...
  17. GINge!

    Bagotville and English [Merged]

    I was asked about a posting to Bagotville as well, and considered the language issue. Looking at Wiki: French was mother tongue to 98.1% of residents. The next most common mother tongues were English at 0.9%, followed by Spanish at 0.3%, Arabic at 0.2%, and Chinese languages, Portuguese...
  18. GINge!

    All things Health Care Admin/HCA (merged)

    Best bet is to contact your local reserve Fd Amb and speak to a HCA there who has recently gone through trg. My info is a few years old, so may be out of date. PRes HCA had to do Common Army Phase (CAP) in Gagetown. I thought this was excellent, and regularly resulted in PRes HCA with a better...
  19. GINge!

    Cougar EROC kit

    Looks pretty close to the ones we first had in Afg?
  20. GINge!

    My 1/35 Canadian Vehicle Collection

    It used to be, about 10 years ago, that you could make OK money on ebay selling to militaria collectors. Now its flooded with talented far-east sellers who are OK working for $1/hr  :)