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    Tim Hortons Kandahar Hat!

    Stumbled across this thread so dug mine out. I received it in July 2006 in Kandahar on or abouts the day they opened up on the boardwalk. The label is as above however there is no reference to White's Custom Cresting (pic attached). There is also no yellow ribbon on the side - just the Canada...
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    Finding the Site

    Not a cadet site but here is a link to a 19th Alberta Dragoon site www.members.shaw.ca/albertadragoons
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    Homecoming Not That Easy for Afghan Vets

    I would be curious to know how many guys are being kept back from going on their leave until the end of the month?  Is it optional or forced? Also, is it just 1 VP guys or the whole Battle Group including the MO? I think it is good that they also will get to spend approximately 4 days with...