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primary reserve

  1. MrPeanut

    Forecasting time commitment for PRes

    Afternoon all, I've been seriously considering applying to join the reserves this year. Reading around the different requirements and trainings I can't for the life of me figure out if certain things are available modularly or part-time (I'm assuming it really depends). I can do a max of 4...
  2. T

    Release from the PRes and applying for another trade later

    I got an offer for intelligence operator, an NCM trade. However, I'm currently finishing my undergrad, and I'd like to become an officer afterwards, maybe in a different field. I know that IntO positions are very limited and extremely competitive and so is CFR. I really wanted to get EMEO, but...
  3. 4

    Full time position in Trail, BC

    Good day, everyone. 39 Combat Engineer Regiment has just advertised a reserve employment opportunity for the RSS Ops WO position in Trail, BC with 44 Engineer Squadron. I'm posting this here to help get the word out. The position can be under-ranked or over-ranked if we can't find a WO and we...
  4. P

    PRes Inf to PRes, Unknown CFAT Score

    Hi! I am currently a Corporal in a PRes Infantry unit. I have written up my memo to VOT to an MP unit in my area. I have been in the Forces for three years now. I can't recall my CFAT score, and I am anxious that I didn't meet the requirement when I took the test at 16. When my memo is sent...