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Afghan Ops Decommissioning - 30 Nov 2014

Mike Bobbitt

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I'm sad to announce that Afghan Ops will be turned down on November 30th of this year. There are a variety of reasons, including Facebook "breaking" changes to the environment, a decline in participation, server stress due to my inefficient coding and a number of other factors.

The game will remain up and running until the 30th, at which point it will be taken down from Facebook's list of apps.

We had a good run, as indicated from some of the game stats:

Combat Experience: 63,292,609,713
Combat Readiness Spent: 296,280,453
Successful Missions: 684,392
Failed Missions: 44,094
Total Time Played: 4 years 61 days 12:18:58
Daily Challenges Completed: 6,814
Total MilPoints Spent: 52,300,228
MilPoints Earned via Daily Challenges: 129,206
Total Players: 8,576

Thanks to everyone who played, provided feedback and supported the game!

Had a great time playing the game, thanks for all the effort keeping it running, Mike!

Unfortunately Facebook games are a fulltime job in themselves, due to the constant code changes. Hopefully it did get some more traffic here, and generate some income to keep up the main forum server.
Thanks, Mike!  It was a lot of fun.  I didn't realize it was shutting down today.  I guess I have been spending more time playing than on the forums.  A little sad to see it go but I do understand.
I had a good run on the game, 980 something days.  Thanks for the effort in keeping the game going.