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Applying for DEO right out of B.Eng. (with ADHD history)


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Hi everyone,

Back when I was in my last year of High School I had applied for ROTP at my local recruitment center and went through the typical process (CFAT, medical tests, interview). My choices were CELE officer, Signals officer and Aerospace engineering officer. My father (who did ROTP) has done many years as an officer in the forces and did his engineering degree at RMC so I kinda understood what I was getting into. Knowing it was a selection process, I applied in a very open state of mind and told myself I'd wait to know if I was actually taken or not before making my mind on whether I want to do my electrical engineering degree (I was already convinced I wanted to do electrical) in a civil university (in a co-op program with internships, which I was also highly interested in but would not have been possible at RMC) or go to RMC (I was also interested by a career in the military).

I had a very competitive profile and I remember CFAT going really well and everything seemed to be going smoothly up until I was asked about the medication I was taking during the medical. I was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age and take medications for it, still to this day. I did not hide it since lying would've been worst but I gave a note from my doctor and detailed how it did not affect me much outside of studying but there was nothing to do. My recruitment center still submitted my application but I quickly got declined for that reason. If I remember well they said I had to stop taking my medication for 12 months with a note from my doctor (Could someone confirm if that's true?). In other words, there was nothing to do, so right away I stopped considering RMC as an option (I perfectly understand why the military doesn't want to risk recruiting people with ADHD without taking such extreme precautions) and began a co-op program in a civil university, which I am currently pursuing and expecting to graduate in a year and a half.

I've been thinking about where I'd like to start my career and among other things, recently, the idea of becoming an officer in the military right after graduation surprisingly resurfaced.

Would it be possible to re-apply but this time as a DEO (would that be the right entry plan for me?). I guess I will again be asked for the 12 months thing, but I actually could try to stop taking it for 12 months once I'm done with my studies (I mostly need my medication for studying but function well without it outside of that).

I was therefore wondering about a few things, especially if anyone did something similar (DEO right after graduation and/or having already taken ADHD medication and applying for DEO):

When should I re-apply? A year before graduating so that the recruitment process will be started, and then I guess I would start the 12 months period right after I'm done with my last exams (and work a civilian job meanwhile)?

Will my file dating back from 4-5 years ago still be valid? (for instance will I have to re-take CFAT?)

Also, when applying as a DEO, is the 12 weeks BMOQ done right away as soon as possible in one full stretch? Can it be long before you get there (in addition to the 12 months without medication thing)? As soon as BMOQ is done professional training starts? (I would most likely take CELE or Signals, if someone knows where and how long the training is specifically for those)

I have reached out to my recruitment center but will gladly take any answers/advices you have.

Thanks in advance,
If I'm not mistaken, you'll need to be off the meds for the 12 months before you apply...and will likely need a letter from your prescriber reflecting that you're functional off of them as well as to where you are on the ADHD spectrum.

Unless things have changed, Signals school is still in Kingston regardless of CELE or Sig O. Your training will be whenever after your BMOQ - could be immediate, could be later, depends on how things are scheduled and how many courses are running. Remainder of what you asked - duration, etc, would be best researched on the recruiting site or if CFSCE has an open source page, there.

Hope that helps, even a bit.
You won't need to retake the CFAT, but you will need to update all your documents. BMOQ is done first right after you enrol, then you go to your element training (CAP or NETP etc...) and then you go to your trades training, usually starting with an Academic phase then moving to an Applications phase (sometimes combined).

CELE and SIGs are done in Kingston at the signals school.

As for medication, not gonna speak about that, I don't know enough and really its outside of my lane.
They both train in Kingston, correct.

If you need your meds to study, maybe think about how you're going to function on long courses that have tests, and then in your actual job that involves lots of signsls estimates and analytical work.