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I want to hear about where your interest for the military comes from!

I grew up in the mountains of BC, hiking, camping, playing hockey, Airsoft and snowboarding.

Then, A bit later in life I got super into computers, technology, and video games.

I watched the snowbirds once and it all just clicked. It was the most visceral thing I'd ever experienced.

Since then my interest has only continued to grow.
My summer job that would have made me enough money in 6 weeks to runaway to BC and pick and eat magic mushrooms fell through, and as my older siblings had never laid any ground work for me with my parents (like talking to local police etc) there was an...intervention.

Joined the Mo Infantry as a 17 year old Landed Immigrant Pte, and embarked on a detour of attending CEGEP for 5 years on a two year program, while parading at my unit. Worked in the Schmatte business for a while making good coin, but transferred to the Regs after 8 years as I fell in love with the profession.

32 years later, with a total of 40 years infantry, retired at a rank higher than Pte, with few regrets, 60% disability from VAC, and awesome memories of life with true bothers and sisters in arms.
I am from Northern Saskatchewan. My grandad was in WW1 with the PAVs and later with the 5th Bn CEF. All my uncles on mum's side were in WW2 in some capacity or another, and many of the men I grew up around were in WW2 or Korea. I originally intended to join the RCMP but thought maybe a few years of military service would be beneficial. But I stayed with the CAF til 2017. I joined in 1975
My dad was military, my husband was military, it just seemed like a logical career path. Mind you it took a long time for me to decide to join (I was over 30 when I joined).
It just felt better then taking a chance on going back to the local hoosegow.....