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Met Tech Info?


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Why so many in Gagetown? Is it due to the artillery school?
We restructured the trade back in the middle of Afghanistan, and built a single world wide briefing/deployment centre...

The idea was to have one base that would support all deployed ops, while also doing most of the routine domestic support. It meant we could pool our fit people in one place, for ease of use, and still provide support to other bases that were brought down to near minimum staffing. From 2009-2011 it worked very well.... When the combat mission ended, and the need for Met Techs overseas went back to normal, we ended up with a massively overstaffed office in Gagetown, and critically understaffed offices elsewhere.

This is where it gets fun...

We now lose people from the JMC(Gagetown) because they are bored of sitting around, or tired of doing all of the CFTPO taskings(Alert, exercises, etc.), and we lose people from the other bases because they are tired of missing out on deployments and taskings... Gagetown is a massive Afghanistan era Albatross hanging around the Met Trade's neck, and we can't do anything about it. The empire in Gagetown has been built, there is now an Int LCol position tied to the unit as CO, so we are stuck with it.

If I was king of the Int branch for one day the first thing I'd do is smash the JMC to pieces, go back to properly staffing the other units, and assign pers to tasks as individual unit's staffing allowed. It would likely do more to save the trade from it's current decline than any re-singing bonuses, or recruiting videos.