Basic Military Qualification

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Basic Military Qualfication (BMQ) refers to the course all recruits to the Canadian Forces must complete. Once a soldier has passed the course, he is considered "BMQ Qualified".


BMQ (Basic Military Qualification) 20 Training Days + 1 Day for SHARP Training

This is basic military training, and is the first course the new recruit will be required to complete. Very basic knowledge is presented here; basic military drill and courtesy, military law, physical training (PT), weapons handling with the C7A1 Service Rifle, navigation, first aid, basic fieldcraft, and the essentials of living as a soldier in garrison and in the field.

Once BMQ is complete, the soldier will then be required to take the Soldier Qualification course.


Training failures are the result of either a Voluntary Release, or for repeatedly failing either written or practical tests of the Performance Objectives. Each candidate who is not performing to standard progresses through a warning system giving them very clear updates on their lack of progress or specific deficiencies, guidance for improvement, extra instruction where applicable, and a minimum of 24 hours between retests.

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