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RCD Published Histories

A Short History of The Royal Canadian Dragoons

Featherstone, R.C., Southham Press, Toronto, Published 1932

Dragoon The Centenial History of The Royal Canadian Dragoons, 1883 - 1983

Greenhous, Brereton, Copyright the Guild of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, 1983, Campbell Corportation, Ottawa, Ontario, ISBN 0-9691281-0-X

Fighting The Hun From Saddle and Trench

Sergeant William R. Jones, Aiken Book Company of Albany, New York, 1918

Royal Canadian Dragoons 1939 - 1945

Landell, K.E. ed., RCD 1946.

The Royal Canadian Dragoons Pictorial History 1883 - 2000

Captain David A. Murault,CD, Copyright the Guild of The Royal Canadian Dragoons, 2000, Annex Printing, 300 Argyle Ave, Delhi, Ontario, ISBN 0-9691281-1-8

Stag and Dingo - The Adventures of First Troop, Charlie Squadron, Royal Canadian Dragoons Overseas 1944-45

Wilkins, C.H., Cornwall, Ontario

the Spur and the Sprocket

Worthington, Larry, Copyright 1968, Royal Canadian Dragoons, Reeve Press Limited, Kitchener, Ontario.

Other Historical Publications That Include RCD Histories

The Royal Canadian Dragoons are also written about in other Canadian Military Histories.

War Without Battles Canada's NATO Brigade In Germany 1951 - 1993

Sean N. Maloney, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited, 1997, ISBN 0-07-552892-4

Our Little Army In The Field The Canadians In South Africa 1899 -1902

Brian A. Reid, Vanwell Publishing, St. Catherines, Ontario, ISBN 1-55125-024-1

Other Publications That Include RCD Histories or Stories

The Canadian Soldier who conquered the Dutch

Alan Edmonds, Macleans, June 1967 - Magazine article on Wilfred Berry.

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