The Royal Canadian Dragoons

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The Royal Canadian Dragoons
Headquarters: CFB Petawawa, Ontario, Canada
Regimental Birthday: 21 Dec 1883.
Colonel in Chief: HRH Prince Charles
Colonel of the Regiment: Col Appleton
Commanding Officer: LCol S.M. Cadden, CD
Regimental Sergeant Major: CWO K.M. Lee, CD
Current Role: Reconnaissance

The Royal Canadian Dragoons

The Royal Canadian Dragoons is a Regular Force armoured reconnaissance regiment and is the senior regiment of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps. The current role of The Royal Canadian Dragoons is to provide Armour Reconnaissance support to 2 CMBG operations.

Definition - (Oxford English Dictionary)


  1. A kind of carbine or musket. So called from its "breathing fire" like the fabulous dragon...
  2. A species of cavalry soldier. The name was originally applied to mounted infantry armed with firearms. This gradually developed into horse-soldiers and the term is now merely a name certain regiments of cavalry which historically represented the ancient dragoons and retain some distinctive features of dress, etc. In France the edict of Louis XIV, 25 July 1665, ranked dragoons among infantry, and this was their status until 1784. In Montecuculi's time, 1688, they still ordinarily fought on foot, though sometimes firing from horseback; when Simes wrote, 1768, they mostly fought on horseback, though still occasionally on foot. The French reglement of 1 January 1791, confirmed by decret of 21 February 1793, classed them among horse-soldiers...
  3. As the type of rough and fierce fellow.


The Royal Canadian Dragoons trace their lineage back in 1883 with General Order 13/83 and their formation in the Citadel in Quebec City. The RCD have seen a succession of personalities in various levels of its’ organization. Included here are also lists of successive Colonel’s In Chief of the Regiment, Honorary Colonels of the Regiment, Colonels of the Regiment, Regimental Commanding Officers and Regimental Sergeant-Majors. Other personalities who have left their mark on the Regiment can be found in the Historical Section.

Honours of Precedence of Regimental Standards and Guidons

Originally, Dragoons had two orders of precedence: in the field they took precedence as "horse" but in garrison they took less precedence as "foot". Dragoons were originally mounted infantry. With their superior speed and carbine firepower they were the shock troops of their day. Gradually their role was assimilated to that of the Cavalry proper and consequently followed the rules of precedence in that arm of service. The precedence continues in the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, The Royal Canadian Dragoons having the honour of precedence in the Corps.

Battle Honours

The Royal Canadian Dragoons have been awarded twenty-five Battle Honours, of which 18 are emblazoned on their Fourth Guidon.

Regimental Anniversaries

Allied and Affiliated Units

The Royal Canadian Dragoons maintain numerous Regimental affiliations.

Regimental Music

Music of The Royal Canadian Dragoons consist of a The Mounted March, The Dismounted March and a Fanfare.

Regimental Prayers and Hymns


The Royal Canadian Dragoons do not have an Official Motto. Unofficial Mottoes are "Bold and Swift", "Audacieux et vite comme l'eclair" or the Latin version, "Audax et Celer".

Home Stations

Over the history of the Regiment, The Royal Canadian Dragoons have called many places their Home Stations starting with La Citadel, in Quebec City where their were formed, to Toronto's Stanley Barracks, now the CNE Grounds, and St Jean, Quebec where they occupied the Barracks that would later become the College Militaire Royal. The RCD have had their Home Station located in Winnipeg and then in Germany. Their current Home Station is at Worthington Barracks, CFB Petawawa, Petawawa, Ontario, Canada.

RCD Historical Section

There have been many interesting personalities, both man and beast, in the history of The Royal Canadian Dragoons. This section is dedicated to them and the equipment they used and role they played in Canada's Military History. The RCD have partaken in many ventures in its' history. It has been to War as a fighting force; to floods and fires as an Aide to the Civil Power; to distant lands as Peacekeepers; an active participant in NATO and a long history in Europe; numerous Operations, Exercises, and Competitions; and more recently heavily involved in Peacemaking and the Reconstruction of Afghanistan. In its’ Reconnaissance Role the Regiment with its’ Coyotes will be in high demand.

Published Histories

There are currently several Published Histories covering the history of The Royal Canadian Dragoons.

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