The Royal Military College of Canada

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Founded in 1876, the Royal Military College of Canada ("RMC"), located in Kingston Ontario, is the only federal institution with degree granting powers. Originally oriented very heavily towards science and engineering, since WWII it has broadened to cover a wide range of disciplines. Its extraordinary learning environment has provided Canada with its leaders in the military, education, industry and public service in a proportion far higher than its size would predict. During the past quarter century, the increased emphasis upon graduate studies and research at RMC has resulted in significant leadership in these domains as well.

RMC cadets are enrolled typically under the ROTP or UTPNCM enrollment programs for Regular Force Officers.

ROTP cadets at RMC are enrolled under one of two levels; ROTP Senior or ROTP Junior.

ROTP Senior Cadets progress academically directly to RMC Kingston in an Ontario University-styled four year honours baccalaureat program.

ROTP Junior Cadets progress through to the RMC Preparatory Year ("Prep Year"), offered as part of Richelieu Squadron, a fully fledged squadron of the Royal Military College, but based at Campus Fort St-Jean in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, on the former campus of Le College Militaire Royale du Canada.