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  1. K

    ResF HRA Training

    Hey all, Can someone give me a run down on the current HRA training for newly enrolled ptes? I thought it was supposed to be 3 months in Borden - has this changed and what has it changed to? TIA
  2. B

    Reserves - Occupational experience and full-time opportunities

    Hello. I'm planning on joining the reserves and I'm hoping to get some feedback to help me choose an occupation to apply for. I've talked to a few recruiters (there are army, air, and navy units in my area). There seem to be a lot of occupations available at the moment that the recruiters said...
  3. B

    LogO training

    I just had my interview for LogO (air) and forgot to ask my MCC about specializing, since it never came up. I'm wondering how much input I have into the specialty stream I'm pushed down and when I'm either informed or given the option to choose a specialty (transport, supply, fianance, etc.). I...
  4. TheAngryCpl


    Good day fellow Canadians. So I released in October, as an end of contract. Held the rank of Cpl was army, was planning on going airforce. Got into civi life and regretted it. I'm looking at re-enrolling. Some questions popped up. I plan on going to avn or acs : how long does re-enrolment take...
  5. MrPeanut

    Forecasting time commitment for PRes

    Afternoon all, I've been seriously considering applying to join the reserves this year. Reading around the different requirements and trainings I can't for the life of me figure out if certain things are available modularly or part-time (I'm assuming it really depends). I can do a max of 4...
  6. N

    BMQ Inquiry

    I’m giving myself until this September do my CFAT to join the regular force. Can someone please share their experiences in BMQ and what should I focusing on with my training right now to better prepare myself for Basic training. My 2 main top choices of trades are intelligence officer or...