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UOR new equipment


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In the CP140 replacement thread there is an ongoing bet about what is will be replaced and amount.

Stealing that thread idea. There is a piece stating (can't be posted) that the Gov will be using UOR's to get both a Short range air defence system and what they are calling PAXM or Portable Anti Material Missile.

What your bets before the announcement?

AT-4 and NASAMS is my guess. 300 AT-4 and 3 NASAMS systems

What do you got?

EXTRA points for the replacement tanks and Artillery
Bet is that they will go out to a short list potential suppliers for P&A, and proceed based on that info.
It also refers to a counter-UAS system.

Hopefully these are fast, off the shelf purchases
Planned contract awards
PAXM- Mid 2023
CUAS - Dismounted -Fall 2023, Vehicle- Early 2024
SHORAD - MANPAD only, Early 2024
When we can guy equipment for donation to Ukraine faster than we can for our own army, we need to stop and look at our selves as part of the problem.
I don't think the donation includes life cycle support, etc which is a big part of procurement.