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Land Forces Command
LFC Badge.jpg
Militia 1867 to 1940
Army 1940 to 1968
FMC 1968 to 1997
LFC 1997 to today

Land Force Command (LFC) is the descendant of The Canadian Army which was the name of Canada's land forces from 1940 until February 1, 1968. At the time of unification all army units were placed under Force Mobile Command (FMC) with the name being changed to Land Force Command in a 1990s reorganization of the Canadian Forces. Despite the name changes, today the LFC is regularly refered to as "the Canadian Army."

LFC is responsible for army operations within the Canadian Armed Forces. LFC maintains bases across Canada and is responsible for the largest component of the Canadian Forces Reserves — the Army Reserve, often referred to as the "militia".

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How the Army is structured

Land Forces Brigades

Canadian Mechanized Brigade Groups

  1. 1 CMBG
  2. 2 CMBG
  3. 5e GBMC

Canadian Reserve Brigade Groups

  1. 31 CBG
  2. 32 CBG
  3. 33 CBG
  4. 34e GBC
  5. 35e GBC
  6. 36 CBG
  7. 37 CBG
  8. 38 CBG
  9. 39 CBG
  10. 41 CBG

Other Land Forces Formations

  1. Land Forces Doctrine and Training System (LFDTS)

Arms of the Canadian Army

All Corps of the Canadian Army belong to one of three arms: The Combat Arms, The Combat Support Arms, or The Service Support Arms.

Arms of Land Force Command
The Combat Arms
Artillery | Armour | Engineers | Infantry
The Combat Support Arms
Intelligence | Security & Military Police | Communications
The Service Support Arms
CFHS | Logistics | EME | Chaplains

Land Forces Equipment

Land Forces Equipment

Land Forces Primary Reserve

Army Reserve Units (by Location)

Army Customs & Traditions

Army Customs & Traditions