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F35 can't be found after pilot ejected.

It’s reportedly landed in one of the two lakes nearby.
Its a government conspiracy I tell you!!! I have no evidence but I KNOW it is......
Conspiracy Theory GIF by BuzzFeed
They'll probably find the missing Royal Marines SA-80 rifle that was lost awhile ago with the aliens that stole the plane...
The aliens ended up with an SA-80 by mistake?

Well that's great! They'll realize we aren't worth invading!

"Ummmmmmm, sir...it's the human soldiers. They fire one or two rounds at us, but then just start throwing rocks instead. Are we sure this is the right planet?"
A few more details from the Marine Times:

A trip that began as a routine training flight did not last very long. The pilot “experienced a malfunction and was forced to eject” on Sunday at an altitude of about 1,000 feet just 1 mile north of Charleston International Airport, according to a situation report given to AP by the Marine Corps official.
More questions than answers remained Tuesday around how an F-35B Joint Strike Fighter wound up leaving a debris field described as “extensive” by the local sheriff’s department.