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Looking for former CHCL radio members - Cold Lake


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From the early 50's to July 1992, 4 Wing (CFB Cold Lake)was home to CHCL radio.  It was a volunteer organization operated and staffed by military personel and some civilian members.  There were also a few paid positions over the years.  If you worked there (paid or volunteered), there is a CHCL radio group on Facebook that might interest you.
Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply.  There are bunch of photos on the CHCL Facebook page that need identifying.  Many are from the time you were there.  Perhaps you could put a name to some of the faces.  If you have a spare moment, perhaps you could check it out.  If you have any problems, just email Steve or Bonnie (site admins at CHCL Facebook) and one of us will try to help you out.

I am here....In Halifax

Ken Sanders 1980 - 1982

I will check out the face book page
I was one of those volunteers back in 1964-1965. I was the record librarian for a time working with some else I can't remember who.
If memory serves me, CHCL was 25 watt station. I still have my CHCL embroidered patch in my dresser. At that time I was also going to Beaver River High.