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    Question of the Hour

    This is an interesting subject and certainly points out the difficulty of  establishing who was first. The BEM can be awarded for gallantry and in the instance of John Garvie. there was certainly gallantry involves in his action of 12 Oct 1940. John Gibb of the 48th performed a similar act of...
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    Question of the Hour

    James what do you consider a Gallantry Award? I know of at  least two men who were awarded BEMs for their actions during or immediately after Air Raids in Britain. In one case concerning the Calafornian Pub a Plaque was put on the outside wall after the pub was rebuilt. John's brother took part...
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    1st QEII VC

    Bill you are absolutely right, I misunderstood the question. William Speakman was a Black Watch soldier serving withe the KOSBs at the time . I can recall there was an explanation for why he was with the KOSBs at the time but I can't bring it to mind at the moment.
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    1st QEII VC

    WO II Arthur Wheatley, Australian Army. http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/reference/kevin_arthur_wheatley
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    Question of the Hour

    Seeing that this is Black History Month name the first Black Canadian to be awarded the Victoria Cross?
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    Question of the Hour

    Just a comment on bugle calls they are sounded not blown, as in "Bugler Sound Officers Call".
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    Dog Tags

    It seems to me that there is a lot of drivel going on in this thread but then I'm an old dinosaur and maybe too far out of touch. A few questions if I may. 1-Can I assume that this kicking of the jaw shut takes place a rear echelon location? 2- What do they do if the man has dentures? 3- Army...
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    Body Armour in the Canadian Froces....first use?

    Although not issued by the army private purchase body armour was used by some soldiers in WW I. We have an example on display in our museum. Aye Dileas
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    ww2 canadian div patch

    Div Patches are normaly oblong in shape a diamond shaped patch would indicate a higher formation such as Corps. Try reserching this site. http://www.canadiansoldiers.com/ Cheers Art J
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    The 15th Bn CEF (48th Highlanders) had a dog for a mascot. The name escapes me at the moment but when the battalion was in the line he was left in the rear under the care of the P/M. When the war was over Lt/Col Bent brought the dog and a horse by name of Fritz back to his farm in Nova Scotia...
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    Any Canadian Para Videos Out There?

    You may be interested in a video produced for "VISTA" in 1991 it is called "The Flight of the Sky Hawks". It is approximately 45 minutes long. I don't know how available it is, I taped it off TV. I found it to be very good.
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    Question of the Hour

    I believe that George is right but have a look at this anyway. http://www.vac-acc.gc.ca/clients/sub.cfm?source=new/billc41
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    Question of the Hour

    I used to administer M tests, total score has nothing to do with it. We had Candidates that scored very high over all but could not read English. It was a tool to determine the Candidates suitability for a trade. Each section of the test was scored individually and as was stated there was an...
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    Welland Canal Force, 1914-1920

    Hi Bill, it looks like you are not getting any bites on this subject. Off the top of my head, at the beginning of the War Militia Units supplied troops to guard the Welland Canal as well as other locations. District Orders were issued to Militia Units to provide a guard of X number of men plus...
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    Veterans License Plates

    GO FOR IT TESS! The more of us who can should show the Colours so to speak. I had an interesting experience a couple of weeks ago at a Canadian Tire Store. I had purchased an article that I needed assistance with. The chap when putting the box in my van noticed my Veterans plate and thanked me...